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Jan 22, 2013

Title: Real Rode Sound Track ~Romantic Melodies~
Title: Real Rode Sound Track ~Romantic Melodies~
Catalog Number: MESC-0003
Release Date: March 13th, 2009 (2009年03月13日)
Classification: Original Soundtrack
Published by: Marine Entertainment
Marine Ent. page: ht tp://www.girls-style.jp/blog/marine/2009/03/cd_8.php
Team Entertainment page: ht tp://www.team-e.co.jp/top.html
Amazon co.jp. page: http://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/B001R221DY/
Music Composed and Arranged by ??
[Kurodqa Hideaki (黒田英明) is one of the composers. Others are unknown now.]
Performed by: Uncertain now.
Lyrics by: Uncertain now.
As to ED Theme:
:: Performed by 閃-4-AIM (Hirameki Four AIM, ヒラメキフォーエイム)
:: Lyrics: jouei, Composed by Hiz (http://j-lyric.net/artist/a04fd9b/l0161c6.html)
Related Media: PS2 Real, Rode 2008
Produced by: Kadokawa shoten: http://www.kadokawa.co.jp/game/index.html

Audio format: MP3
Channels: 2
Compressed level: about 130 to 150 kbps (various, Low Quality)

Folder: Real-Rode_Sound-Track_~Romantic Memories~
Including 21 mp3 files + Image
File name code: elm
File size: RAR 63.4MB including 5 pc rr

The List of Tracks [Japanese]

01. Prologue of the "Rode" ~Original Version~
02. Alvand
03. Raclot
04. Dyse
05. Keith
06. Lukia
07. Shinn
08. Somari
09. Wataru
10. Naoya
11. Peaceful Time
12. Unexpected Happening
13. Passion Inside
14. In Daylight
15. Pulse
16. Insanity
17. Fragile
18. Pure Heart
19. Cembalo Solo ~A Missing Past~
20. Brand new departure ~Game Version Piano Instrument~
21. 未来創 ~Game Version Acoustic Arrange~


The List of Titles [Romanization]

01 Prologue of the "Rode" ~Original Version~ 2:39
02 Alvand 2:03
03 Raclot 3:08
04 Dyse 2:57
05 Keith 2:55
06 Lukia 2:41
07 Shinn 3:24
08 Somari 2:38
09 Wataru 3:44
10 Naoya 2:59
11 Peaceful Time 2:22
12 Unexpected Happening 2:14
13 Passion Inside 2:01
14 In Daylight 3:02
15 Pulse 3:00
16 Insanity 3:26
17 Fragile 4:00
18 Pure Heart 4:34
19 Cembalo Solo ~A Missing Past~ 2:04
20 Brand new departure ~Game Version Piano Instrument~ 3:28
21 Mirai Sou ~Game Version Acoustic Arrange~ 2:45

Disc length 62:04

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If there is any problem (DL link dead etc.), ask me in VM or via PM.

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_ mrd [/COLOR]
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This is really nice. Would it be possible to share this one too?


Hello bark.

As to Your Question, other mebers also asked the 2nd CD music, but regretfully I could not find it in the internet. There is still possibility that somewher in closed place (forum etc.), it was posted. But no information about this CD, as far as searching.
See HERE, if you have interesting (The page is in Japanese).

There are two additional music CDs. (These are Drama CDs).
Noble Black: http://www.amazon.co.jp/Drama-Real-Rode~Noble-Black-Disc~/dp/B00234QTHE/
:: http://vgmdb.net/album/12814
Pure White: http://www.amazon.co.jp/Real-Rode~Pure-White-Disc~/dp/B0020N57M6/
:: http://vgmdb.net/album/12815

I have them (MP3, about 70MB/CD). I forgot where I found them.

_ mrd.

Edit: Addition:

I knew this second CD (used, but good condition with belt) is sold in pretty cheap price in Market-place (used stuff market in amazon). It is rare.
The used Real Rode CDs are sold at about Yen 1000 or more at present.
I have ordered it. (If there are over five members who want this CD music, I will try to post.)

_ mrd
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Thank you very much for your dedication.
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