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    [Entries] SOTM#42 - July 2016

  5. imnottsundere

    what phone games are you played/playing now?

    I've recently been getting hooked on phone games and been looking for more, so I've decided to make a thread for people to share what phone games they've played. :::Android Games::: -Brave frontier -Ninja vs pirate (similar to brave frontier) -Chain chronicles (rpg? not really?) -Guns girl (2d...
  6. Sakimichi

    What Otome/BL game are you currently playing right now?

    Hello ladies and gents! Feel free to post what you are playing right now~ Add a slight review/first impression at the end. I'm currently playing: Tokimeki on PSP. The 3D animation is a nice touch, and the Vertical screen is wonderful~ Highly recommended~!
  7. thecoins

    Anyone play Dueling Network (Online Yugioh) Here?

    Yo! Do you dueling network? ( if you do, please share your ID here and maybe share your epic victory! Or you can share about your deck, tips, or anything! For you who had played yugioh before, and want to try playing it online can ask here too.