1. [Ryo] Kizumono Otome (Digital) / [りょう] キズモノオトメ [DL版]

    [Japanese] [Ryo] Kizumono Otome (Digital) / [りょう] キズモノオトメ [DL版]

    [Ryo] Kizumono Otome (Digital) [りょう] キズモノオトメ [DL版] 214 Pages, 117MB, 847×1200 Type: Manga Hentai Language: Japanese http://uploaded.net/file/7ym5kjun https://www.mexashare.com/itwodyk4ilqc/Ry0__K1zumon0_Otome.zip.html http://katfile.com/xnh4n337eoh7/Ry0__K1zumon0_Otome.zip.html :P
  2. [Sagano Yuuji] Iroduki Otome (Digital) / [サガノユウジ] いろづきおとめ [DL版]

    [Japanese] [Sagano Yuuji] Iroduki Otome (Digital) / [サガノユウジ] いろづきおとめ [DL版]

    [Sagano Yuuji] Iroduki Otome (Digital) [サガノユウジ] いろづきおとめ [DL版] 2018-02-15, 209 Pages, 164MB, 1058×1500 Type: Original manga Language: Japanese Categories: Big Breasts http://uploaded.net/file/4fb5rg4x https://www.mexashare.com/aw3qxchln4gl/S4gan0_Yuuj1__Iroduki_Otome.zip.html...
  3. YummyYummyStrawberry!

    Where's this from?

  4. L

    Area-X extra Gallery DLC

    Hello there guys! This is my first time posting here so I hope that I post this on the Right thread. ABOUT THIS CONTENT Extra Gallery for Area-X. To unlock, you need the get the password at the end of Side Story. So as an additional information, this file only contains the extra gallery DLC...
  5. Tee

    I've Dropped Out Of The Piracy Gig.

    Hello. :) It's Tee here. This is a formal and open letter to both fellow Otome fans and piraters. I've not been around for quite a while and I think it's better if someone else takes my place as uploader as I am not active on here. Previous links will remain on the forum. The reason why I've...
  6. Looking for Eroge Otome games!

    Looking for Eroge Otome games!

    It cannot have any BL in any of them!
  7. Dark Angel

    [Entries] SOTM#50 - March 2017

  8. Dark Angel

    [Discussions] SOTM#50 - March 2017

  9. Yoshiwara Higanbana - Visual Fan Book

    Yoshiwara Higanbana - Visual Fan Book

    Hi!!! I'd like to request this: Yoshiwara higanbana (吉原彼岸花) Official Visual Fan Book http://oto-mitsu.jp/milky/special/yoshiwara/ Thank you very much !!!
  10. H

    I'm a guy but I like otome game is it weird?

    I recenly play otome game like starry sky/ozmafia and fall in love with this kind of game I feel really confuse because I'm not interesting in men(in sexual way) I really love the feeling when a guy keep coming toward protagonist(girl only) So the question is... am I gay? I feel really weird
  11. Tee

    ~~~GAME HAUL~~~ (⌃ ◕ w ◕ ⌃=)◡ ←[It's a cat.]

    Hello So itslionette already had a Game Haul over here. I was thinking of having one too. But it's a little different. I will be giving a list of names of games that people might want me to possibly upload and there will be a poll. The first five games that gets the most votes will be...
  12. K

    Textbox issues with Rejet Games

    Textbox issues with Rejet Games [Solved] I hope I'm posting in the right place, I've searched all over and can't seem to find any information on this issue that I'm having. I'm beginning to wonder if it's just my computer :confused: I have a Surface Pro 4 with Windows 10. I also have several...
  13. sunnybalcony

    PSP Vita Otome Talk

    Hello~ I wanted to open up this discussion as this is something I've been wondering about recently. So... a lot of otome games are now being made for PSP Vita, much to the lament of people who prefer computer-based games like me lol. What's your opinion on PSP Vita if you have one? And have you...
  14. itslionette

    ❣ Game Haul ❣

    Uploaded Games No One But You Millia -The ending- Aozora Meikyuu Narcissu 10th Anniversary Analogy Project (Includes all DLC's) Queen At Arms: Deluxe Edition Army of Tentacles: (Not) A Cthulhu Dating Sim Lucy -The Eternity She Wished For- Without Within 2 Mystic Destinies: Serendipity...
  15. ❣ Otome Drama CD News ❣

    Honeybee ✿ Blackish House
  16. Super Lovers gets an anime!! [BL Manga]

    Boys-Love Manga Super Lovers by Hakkenden's Abe Gets Anime The handout in the reprint of Shungiku Nakamura 's first √W.P.B. manga volume is reporting on Friday that Miyuki Abe's boys-love manga Super Lovers has an anime in the works. The announcement did not specify the anime's format or...
  17. Wilshrile

    Walkthrough for yoshiwara higanbana ?

    Hey there!! So, recently I played Yoshiwara Higanbana and want a walkthrough soooo badly! I spend so many days looking for a walkthrough but all I see people upload are review of the game and sample. :/ I want to complete the CG and endings so badly. Please help. ouo
  18. lechiotta


    Shota ; a small, cute guy, that you can find in otome games and anime... ♥ The example is shouta fukami from otometeki koi kakumei or in anime, ciel phantomhive's black butler. Which one do you like?
  19. [R18] Under the Moon Drama CD ~Goodnight under the Moon~

    [Drama CD] [R18] Under the Moon Drama CD ~Goodnight under the Moon~

    Under the Moon ドラマCD 『月の下でおやすみ』.CV:Taniyama KishoYusa Kouji Baidu pw: a2kh Source
  20. Villain ~The tale of Pirates~

    [Drama CD] Villain ~The tale of Pirates~

    Villain ~The tale of Pirates~CV: Matsuda Kenichirou MEGA pw: villaintp You can know what this CD is about, here. official site