1. [Album] ヴァンパイア男子寮 公式イメージアルバム / Vampire Dormitory Official Image Songs Album (2023.06.13/MP3+Hi-Res FLAC/RAR)

    [Album] ヴァンパイア男子寮 公式イメージアルバム / Vampire Dormitory Official Image Songs Album (2023.06.13/MP3+Hi-Res FLAC/RAR)

    Tracklist: 1. ブラッディ・ストロベリー / みなとん。 2. チューイング♡me / 松原みずき 3. Lust Angel (Vampire Edition) / 月乃 4. BLOODY LUV / BLAST 5. Luna Plena / ゆいの 6. FIEND / シマヌキ 7. MELTED LOVE / 妄想リフレイン 8. 純情メリーゴーランド / カミカワユウナ 9. HUSH-HUSH / BURNABLE/UNBURNABLE [content_protector password="CAPTCHA"] RG (RapidGator)...
  2. Murakumo

    Please tell me where this hentai image came from!!

    Someone please identify where this hentai illust came from/illustrator?
  3. (同人CG集) [47.5%] 透明人間NTR-透明人間になってやりたい女を狙い撃ち-

    (同人CG集) [47.5%] 透明人間NTR-透明人間になってやりたい女を狙い撃ち-

    Title: (同人CG集) [47.5%] 透明人間NTR-透明人間になってやりたい女を狙い撃ち- Studio: 47.5% Size: 35MB Release: 2016年09月30日 Language: Japanese Information:
  4. P

    Eureka Seven Hentai

    (HUMAN HIGH-LIGHT FILM) EUREKA LAND For other Eureka Seven doujinshi:
  5. D

    where I find this full image?
  6. M

    GIF Reaction Game

    Well I decided to give this a try here too. Let's keep this safe topic alright? NO NSFW material! Basically here's how this works. 1. Person above you posts a sentence or two. 2. You react with a gif-image. 3. Below that gif-image, you post your own sentence(s) for the next person below to...
  7. G

    Need help, any body know this image?

    I don't even know it is game or manga but I really love futanari so plz help I want to know it's source or game title especially 2nd one :)
  8. T

    Image Riddle

    I'm looking for a certain work by an artist named Aoi Nagisa. I found this one out of four images and I'm posting it here as a clue for any one who can or could help finding the source or the rest of it because it was incomplete. I already surfed the net for it but found no results and that...
  9. [87%] いいなり!褐色家庭教師

    [87%] いいなり!褐色家庭教師

    Romaji/Original - いいなり!褐色家庭教師 Translation - Suntanned Private Teacher Info - LINK Genre - HImage // CG Voice/Text – none // japanese Size - 29 MB Parts - 1 ==================== Hoster - Censorship - yes
  10. [85%] お兄ちゃんは妹専用のザーメンタンク♪

    [85%] お兄ちゃんは妹専用のザーメンタンク♪

    Romaji/Original - お兄ちゃんは妹専用のザーメンタンク♪ Translation - Sister Dedicated Info - LINK Genre - HImage // CG Voice/Text – none // japanese Size - 144 MB Parts - 1 ==================== Hoster - Censorship - yes
  11. NinjaNick

    Removing the background of images

    Hello everyone, I apologize if this is in the wrong section of the forum and appreciate if the moderators decide to move it. I have the question of how to easily remove the background from images or make them transparent. Currently I know of two sites...
  12. yanderere

    Post the image or gift which you would like to discover wich anime is it from

    It is me again. Have you happened to find an image with a character, or an scene,that gets your atention but don´t know where it is from? Here is the solution i have come up with. I think that everyone should help ourselves by helping users to discover new animes form their likes by telling...
  13. ~SnowAngel~

    how to fix a GIF?

    I know I've seen a thread somewhere about this, but I can't find it :f I'm trying to use a gif as my avatar, it plays once and it doesn't play again. I need to resize it just a little. I did that but it seems to skip a frame?
  14. [BubbleGum] 翼音 -yoin- AIR & TriangleHeart Image Vocal Album

    [Album] [BubbleGum] 翼音 -yoin- AIR & TriangleHeart Image Vocal Album

    this is one of the best air doujin albums I have~ I love Soap Bubble And the orgel track ^^ there's also a couple mini dramas that are interesting if you can understand Japanese XD Original Name: 翼音 -yoin- AIR & TriangleHeart Image Vocal Album English Name: Wing Sound -yoin- AIR &...
  15. ~SnowAngel~

    Answered Image Hosting/Linking?

    I've found out on my own that I can directly link an image without uploading it. (using ) However, I don't know how to wrap it into a spoiler without making it a url link or text. In other words, I want to show a picture using the "IMG" code, but also make it a spoiler. How would I do multiple...
  16. Tsubame

    My Experience and Opinion with DIPPIC ( an Image Hosting Company

    Hello people, I'd like to share some of my experience with some hosting image company called DIPPIC ( I know there's a lot of people who like sharing and posting their image and got some earning from several of image hosting that paid, so i'm.. When the first time i...