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  • Nanami x Sarah would work so well imo lol, man they really need to do that.

    I haven't met Runa, or Shizuku yet, I'll let you know what I think of them when I get there.

    On Episode 6 now, which is Yuuna x Nanami chapter 2.
    BTW, I was thinking it would be cute if they made "cross specials" for Sono Hanabira. Like having different girls pairing for a short VN. Like Yuuna x Reo (that would be insane lol) or Mei x Nanami. Kaede x Yuuna, or Sara x Nanami etc... I think that would be a fun idea. Any special pairing you would like? I mean they are already perfect, I just had the idea it would be fun to see how they work with other girls, though if they did it couldn't be part of the main story. More of a "what if" side story
    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE,,,,,,,,,,,, IM glad you remember meeh.... how are you too ??? im fine here.... hope you not overwork and sickss..

    seems you and t-elos are hunting figure noww.. fufufuu.. im just stalking for long timeee... hihihihi
    yep, so much waiting.

    First time I heard National Guard get called for that, they are usually for riot control, helping recovering missions in earthquakes/tornadoes/hurricanes etc...

    Nice, is the Sengoku Nadeko anime good? I'm probably getting it.

    Yep, I have this Velvet figure, love her face.
    Cornelius (the bunny) ruins it for it too :( Shame cause it's a lovely figure otherwise, and I love Alter, though they can be pricey.
    Lol, well Ayasa is very cute too, but Kirino is still the best.. And I better get new info on my Kirino figure soon! Like WTF!! It arrived in Japan almost a month ago.

    Yeah, it's crazy here. Sometimes cars get broken into in parking lots so people can steal whatever you bought in the previous store you were at. Got to be careful. I don't know if you know what the National Guard is, but basically each state has the right under the US Constitution to have their own militia. That's the National Guard. Each state has one. Well, one time during Black Friday I believe a Walmart in Illinois (the state I live in) had to have the National Guard called in got it got so crazy :/
    Thanks. I just chilled to music all day mostly.
    We always have cops here for Black Friday, some stores like Wal-Mart even have barricades in the front of the stores so you just can't run out with shit lol.

    A few years back a Wal-Mart employee was killed, he opened the store for Black Friday, hundreds of people rushed in and trampled him to death. No one even stopped to check on him. One of the reason why Walmart has barricades now also, have to go in one at a time.

    I usually go to Best Buy though for Black Friday. It's a electronic store in the U.S., and I think Canada as well.

    Yep, I was thinking it would be nice if they coupled the figures, I would buy them ALL if they did that lol

    Oh I see, I thought it was intentional, I didn't know they switched artist, I thought they were purposely going for a mature look for the nurses since they seem to be a bit older then the other girls
    I like each couple more the more I play with them lol, so it's hard to choose. I hope they translate the rest of them soon :( The one's with the nurses look interesting, looks like they are going for a more mature take on those, like a different story or something.

    Yeah, if one of those companies made figures of them I would snag a few instantly. So much money the series could make off those.

    Oh, so you had Black Friday too? Lol, looks like it's catching on internationally. Hinode was telling me they started doing it in Sweden at some stores also.

    Ended up getting 8 games, PSN/Nintendo eShop Cards, 1 year PSN Plus, Bluray movies, shoes, and a 1TB external HDD that will hold my VN's/Eroge lol. Actually some lady shoved me in the back to try and grab a HDD, they were discounted from $90 to $30 so they were quite popular. I was gonna shoved back but turned around and noticed it was a short lady about half my sized so I let it slide :/
    GAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! They are all too cute! After finishing "Beloved Photograph" the 2nd chapter for Sara x Kaede I like them a lot more now. Yuuna x Nanami is still my favorite, but they are all great couples. Who is your favorite? Also, do you know where I can find the anime episode of Sono Hanabira? They would make great PVC figure IMO, they should have Phat, or Kotibukiya make some.

    Gonna email them again next week. They better have some new info then.

    BTW, is this a spinoff to the Sono Hanabira series?

    I'm guessing no H-Scenes since it's Steam, though I might still pick it up.
    Sorry for the delay ;u;

    Hmm, not really :c Feels like it's dead because Omega/Alpha is so popular right now but maybe I'm wrong ><
    How about you? Do you still play it? I'd assume you do tho x3

    Is everything alright with you?
    She looks good! A sword would look better, but I also like the weapon she has now. And dat ass lol.

    Nice! Hopefully you get her soon. Still no news on Kirino :/

    Also, just wanted to say I LOVE Reo X Mai! They are soooooo cute together! They give Yuuna X Minami a run for their money. I love Mai cause she just doesn't give a fuck what anyone thinks lol.
    I see. Hopefully they finish them soon. Love the artwork also. Seems they changed the artwork a bit for the newer games to look a bit more mature.

    Thanks, and I'll drop kick some people for you lol. You should visit here on Thanksgiving one year. I'll take you Black Friday shopping lol. It's crazy, but fun. Though some people do take it a bit too seriously and might literally drop kick you :/
    Yeah they would. The H-scenes are great too.

    About to start the 3rd game. Are the games after 9 supposed to get translated also?

    :EDIT: Might not be online the next couple days. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and having friends and family over. Day after that is Black Friday and I will be out drop kicking people at stores to snag some deals on a few things I want.
    I love the series so far. Very cute. I still like Nanami X Yuuna the best though. Nanami is so cute, and Yuuna is such a weirdo that I think they go so great together lol.

    Picked different choices, looks like I'm able to unlock the other scenes now.
    Yep, that one, I didn't like that too much at first, but they really grew on me. I really like them now, they make a good couple.

    Okay, thanks, just started over skipping dialogue to pick different choices.
    Just finished On Sono Hanabira 2. I beat the game but still missing 2 scenes? Any suggestions? Their is only one route I thought
    Yay~~!!! An adventure together~:puniko_happy:

    Ah,you're right!A bad guy must have kidnapped him and plans to eat all of nutella!:nyanmusu_annoyed:

    Let's search for the king and rescue him together,hero Uno!
    *inserts titanic music*

    Yoooooureee hereeeeeee

    Theres nooothing I feaaar!!!!

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