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  • My Kaori figure shipped today. Should receive it early next week :samuraihero: I'll let you know when I receive her.

    Want to watch the anime soon. I love the art style they use looks lovely.
    Yeah they do all look cute as Chibi, but Sachi the most for me.

    I still think she is some type of assassin/secrect government soldier or something. Guess I'll find out during her route. Maybe I'm way off though.

    Also, the post office better not mess up again. I'll be super pissed. I'm glad Mandarake didn't charge me extra for the Kirino figure though.
    I have a feeling I will love her route as well.

    Man, I so want to play the sequels now!
    While it's cute so far, I have a feeling I will like Makina's route the least so far, but I have to wait and see still early on.

    Hmm, now I'm curious about Sachi's route, she is a bit of a mystery so far so I'm excited to play her route next, then Yumiko last.

    Also, poor Amane in the bad ending, she died but did everything to protect Yuuji from that guy at the end.

    Also, Kuroneko is officially on her way to me! Hopefully no issues this time.
    Yeah cheapest I found her before was $135 plus $20 shipping so decided to wait. Forgot about RightStuff it's a huge anime retailer in the US the has partnerships which Japanese companies to sell official anime goods in America for a decent price. So checked there and found her on sale. $85 plus free shipping. Hopefully I'll receive her soon since its shipping from 1 state away.

    Doing Makina's route now, guess Yuuji is her Papa now lol.

    Amane's route brought a tear to my eye I must admit. How it should them growing old together, and her eventually dying and seeing Yuuji again in heaven. Was bittersweet.

    BTW. Saw her on sale on RightStuff. I think she looks nice. Like the props and all. Again, not familiar with the character though.
    Just finished Amane's route. Fucking amazing. Was great.

    I can't believe such an amazing VN has such shitty figures! Like WTF! Seriously?
    Yeah, would regret it if I didn't get it now. Wont find her again at that price.

    If anything, I hope they translate both versions, though that might be difficult.

    Cheapest I can find that Kaori Miyazono figure is $130, so not sure about it yet, I think it's lovey though.

    Someone should just translate that yuri scene and post it online! Would love that lol. Though it would make a strange love triangle with Yuuji involved with Amane as well lol
    On Amane's route now on the part she is telling Yuuji about the bus crash. At first I was getting kind of bored with it cause I thought it ruined the pacing, and was just dragging on and on, but now it's getting really interesting. Kazuki just asked Amane to make a run for it with her while the Teacher and Captain are in the forest, a few people have died already also. Glued to my laptop now getting really good want to see what happens next lol
    B-because you were the one who always giving me nutella..and that is sweet.Which only nutella king would do!:megane_happy:
    ahahahaha...... yea i will.... before i cant use this comment box... and in the end.. my vga died... and power supply too.. there goes my money.. :deadsad:

    hows your collectionss noww ??? XD
    my last pvc is Kotori Lovelive Alter.... she soo awesomee... *cough2
    Yeah, ended up getting the Kuroneko figure. Couldn't pass her up at that price. Was looking for her for a while but cheapest I found her before was 13,000 yen, so 7,000 yen I couldn't pass it up. Just paid for her now. Her grand total with EMS shipping was 9,200 yen, $77 so a bargain in my book, considering her regular asking price since she is so rare. While I think the figure is great, I don't think it's worth 13,000 yen, but sometimes the rarity of the figure outweighs the quality when it comes to the price. But 7,000 yen is more then a fair price imo.

    Hopefully it has H-Scenes as well, if it doesn't I probably won't play it even if it's translated :(

    On nice! How is it? It got good reviews. I got my G3 last Black Friday, so I have to wait till next November to upgrade :(

    Also, I know you said this figure kind of looks out of character for her, but I'm really, really, really considering picking her up. I love the colors, and the sculpting is amazing. Only issue is that it is a limited/collectors edition, so it's rather difficult to find.

    Also, I will get that Totori figure, eventually. I believe I told you before that I wanted it, but that's when I was still in Texas, so decided against it at the time.
    :nyanmusu_happy: not~hing ! /me feels Uno must be the nutella king :O
    it's true, is it not? lol

    that's the koirizo for you. just ok. same thing with koichoco. maybe it's the koi that's ruining all these VN's. stupid fish :/
    Found these all on Mandarake and they are roughly all the same price (around $60) probably just getting one though. Which you think looks the best?

    I really want Kuroneko so she can go with my Kirino, but I love the character designs in the Atelier video game series so I like those as well :(

    Also about that Kuroneko figure she is usually about $110, but found her for $57 so I'm kinda leaning towards her before someone snags her at the price.

    :edit: went with Kuroneko since I've been eyeing that figure for a while, and I know for a fact I won't find her for that price again.
    Yep. Looks promising indeed. She does look strange with with black hair, but she still looks pretty. Hope someone translate it eventually.

    Lol! Video was hilarious!
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