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  • Happy new year, Takami!!!
    And a healthy and peaceful year for you and your family!!!
    Oh, look like you are 9th people who asking me this question :P

    You know, life is hard, there are things unexpected happen to me lately...Although i know it will come in another day, just do not think it is too early...

    Never mind...I feel better after hear some sweet songs, such as: Watashi no Sora no Iro and One Night ^^
    Guess I will give it a try because art work look good ^^

    Ah, about Fate/Zero, I do, but need finish first season, around episode 10 or so...>_<
    Um...Japanese Kanji almost based on Chinese, is not it ? And yeah, I am not playing since I am an Uploader not Gamer :D

    I was used AGTH and Atlas before, but for testing, about ITH, not trying it yet :)

    Oh, is Hyouka good ? Some anime sites say this is best one in this month but I wonder if it really is :P
    Hm...It is good for you to able to play games...I wish I were Japanese or so >_<

    Ah, I am watching a lot show this month, such asL Sankarea, Medaka Box, Zombie of the Death, Shining Hearts, Nyarlko, Tasogare Otome

    I am trying to finish all latest episodes, I may follow Accel World, Sengoku Collection and Natsuiro Kiseki too :D

    About your ? As much as mine ? *kuku*
    Um...I hope so too, if I happen to pass, May is holiday for me, only need go to school and no need to worry about exams, it is also times for me to watching shows that I am following :D

    Result will come in Monday in the next week though...

    I wonder what making you stay up late all nights ? Playing H-Games ? *kuku*
    Um...Still fine as usual but my exams do not went well, project is quite tough itself, just finished in Tuesday, and I am waiting for result, hope I will pass, at least enough mark at borderline XD

    How about you ? Is Houkago Eroge working ? Maybe you can try New Edition Version ? :D
    So my guide did not help ? But my friend wrote and this work for him...Too bad that I am not getting this game yet, I wanted to get and try it too...Of course, for writing guide only, not for play :P

    Ah, when you install, make sure to use Bypass Patch, and when you run game by hit houkago.exe, use Serial for it, guess I may ask my frien again to see what is problem ^^
    I am studying Networking but that course is for PHP and Java...

    Huh ? Burning at 8x only took me 8 minutes :D. I burnt tons of Disks and they are still good and ready to use anytime ^^

    Um...That is the point that my friend prefer External HDD, but I am not, maybe because I am too poor XD

    To be honest, I have one, was using to store Anime DVD Version ! *kuku*
    Hm...Just come back after exams, it is harder than I think, and from my point, result may around 70/100 or less...Tried to study hard and sleep early yesterday but it is not help...>_<

    I am not running out of space since all data already burn into DVD Disks :D
    Um...Still alive as you can see :D

    But a bit busy preparing for exam on Monday which subject that I do not really confidence...

    How about you ? :)
    Nah, of course I know about those host too, because I have been around Chinese forum in years to get CGs back then, even rayfile, junkfile, howfile or whatever, but not much now ^^

    In my opinion, 115 and jshare is quite fine, but in my timezone GMT +7, download speed always lower than 80kB/s around 6 - 11 PM...And because of Chinese interface, people may not able to download, not talking about you need register an account to download big files...

    I also looking for new better hosts to store my files, but none so far, blame to those stupid laws S.O.P.A, P.I.P.A and A.C.T.A...>_<
    Nah, there is something call ripping, like extract CG from data source, not screen capture :)

    I always get new CG at Chinese forum in the past, but lately, Chinese ripper that I know, he said he do not want his work open for public, so I only rely on Share and Perfect Dark if someone kind enough sharing CG, that is why there are no HCG threads for some games just because no one mind to share XD

    Um...I am using both YH and MSN, but I am online on MSN mostly :D
    Due holidays in Chinese New Year I am taking a break, school will restart in the next week :)

    I am still in college, gonna graduate in end of this year after following some advance courses ^^
    Ah, Happy belated Chinese New Year to you too ^^

    It seem things get tough in Dragon Year ! XD

    But I do not care, it is just getting high up my spirit ^^

    Ah okay.
    I got it to work... someone told me the serial code. Oh really? I'm not sure lol, I tried looking through the rar files.
    Awesome! Thanks. Hope it wasn't too inconvenient or if you were already going to get it.
    Are you on winter break?
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