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  • Nah, I am Uploader not Gamer ^^

    I do upload and collect them all but not play any single ones till I am able to mastered Japanese :D
    sorry, didn't noticed the request; this one seem to have same seeds but i'm not sure if they work really magnet:?xt=urn:btih:2F8B2F5822022EB6523B5E7BDB4F66CF68EECBFB
    Here you go ^^

    There is Anime version for it too, ongoing :P

    But I am talking about nice title, that is one of reason why I am big fan of pure love ! :D

    Hai, that Menkui, funny one ^^

    Hacker is hard, because you need know both Networking and Programming, while I am not quite good at programming, so I am studying about it now ^^

    In the near future, I hope I can make this dream come true ! Nah...I must make it come true ! ^_^
    of course there is a lot reason to hate ntr.. T__T

    mashi-iro..?? which one.. it will help with synopsis or getchu... ~__~

    oh.. menkui with maid right..?? it from Doujin by Tosh.. Art is good.. I Like too.. ^^
    Um...There are many reasons make me hate NTR...

    Did you know this game Mashiro-iro -Love is Pure White- ? Nice title ! :D

    I am not know, I only watch H-Movie Version ^^
    Nah, with pure love fan like me, NTR is a nightmare ! I am really do not wish to watch those H-Movies, upload only ! :P

    I also like funny shows like Menkui or something like that ! :D
    Um...I added this No DVD Patch into this thread, you can check again and get it ^^

    To be honest, I only pay attention for pure love and harem games. About dark, gangbang, tentacle or whatever, like Hell ! :P

    Ah, I got them from so many resource, and I only upload them, not playing single at all ! Only Da Capo English Version because that is my most favourite game ever forever ! Also, Nemu Asakura is my most favourite character ^_^
    Ah, I was forgot to add No DVD Patch for this one ^^

    Because file name too long, so you may need add .rar after the file name if the file you download do not have extension :)
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