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  • *cough i-i-im not stalkerr... it's accidently i read itt.. :ohnoes: im not stalkerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr:runaway:

    imma wathing amagami SS+,gintama, senki Zesshou(recomended), kill me baby, aquarion.. weell all of them new animu~~~ hehehe...

    It's okay; do you like the game so far? And there's no voice actors since it would have required a lot more work. This is a group of volunteers over the internet after all.

    Oh, I did have the impression you were much younger. :3 And no, your age doesn't bother nor scare me, and yes, I'm only 16, so you're old enough. With that said, is it okay if I call you onee-chan? >w<

    I-it's nothing, a-ahaha. >///<

    And it's fine if you didn't answer everything - there's a lot to answer after all. And really late 'night. <3 Hope you sleep / slept well~.
    Dont get me wrong! I like you but yami not so much. I do admit.she's cute but..I prefer Mikan :3. Hmm..incest..is not my thing. I pass.. I only liked 2 animes that have incest of some sort and those are Yosuga no Sora and Kiss X Sis :3.
    Or I can just close my eyes. I wont peek, I swear ^^
    I had some what a good night I guess..Woke up once for no reason but I think I fell asleep not so long after that. But I did wake up little bit early..since my little sister barged into my room and stole a pair of socks from me -_-..oh well.
    Paranoia Agent..never even heard of it o.o Does that make me weird? I've watched so many by now. I also dont really watch anime with good stories or so. All that matters to me is that I find it amusing. After all, thats what anime is for, in my opinion atleast ^^. If you like, you can see my list on MAL:
    Hows your day so far?
    Actually, you said Yay 3 times :3 And...o.o I didnt see that one coming! Dont wrooy. A quick hug wont do much. I'm always warm so you'll get warmed fast and then I'll leave..no time to get excitited..I hope xD
    New avatar I see, Yami-chan <3 I personally liked Mikan from To Love Ru but thats just me :3 ( like lala too but thats a given :P)
    OneeeeeChwaaan~~~ im 7 years old u noww.... :XD: n u 24... :runhappy: new oneee~~~~~

    so how do you do..?? what anime u watching naww..??
    heh... just spam onee wall~~~~ byeee~~~~ looking your avatr...

    Im giving Paranoia Agent a try its very confusing-ish
    Im at episode 3 and ish kinda lost

    Oh and what game you are installing?
    Hope you have fun with it :)

    And yay for 100th visitor message :P
    I messed around with the other team's pictures by dashing through as they took it and saw those guys from the green team again. The guy had drills for arms now and transformed them into guns every so often... Anyhow i ran cuz considering the size of their team… I was probably going to get murdered x.x There was a large battle between the groups which I sort of watched from a safe distance.
    I was in the purple team and i would assume that we were losing really badly cuz i saw maybe one teammate while running around. I had twin swords (all nice and glowy~) and was pursued by the other groups. I had random run ins with the other groups and eventually came up against someone tough. He was in the green team and his weapon was transforming his arms into tentacles (originally used one like a whip but later he went a lil nuts and had multiple tentacles trying to kill me =.=) There was also a guy tossing chakrams at me while i was fighting... I stabbed the tentacle guy in the leg and ran off with them swearing revenge and the such. I also had a sword fight with some guys in the blue team which I also ran from (being alone is tough...) Eventually i reached a larger arena where there was basically all the teams saying they had won and taking pictures (didnt see any purple people here but i saw my cousins though~)
    A smiling doll is just kinda creepy isnt it xD
    Originality is tough now cuz everything comes from the same base ideas =.= Its possible to be original i suppose... A crack in reality to the anime world would be nice xD
    Lol i actually semi forgot the last two dreams till i tried to remember them. Have a couple days worth of dreams to tell at the pace were going~ Me being a visual artist might have some effect on my ability to remember the dreams xD I know they arent in as much detail as they could be... Memory faded somewhat >.<
    Anyhow Dream 5~
    I was in an arena similar to tron. The walls had glowing strips of light running through them and so did the clothes there. There was multiple layers and random ladders and ramps that connected each floor. There were teams differentiated by the color of the glow on their clothing and weapons. I saw a couple cousins running around in different teams.
    Isn't it? <3 I use Chrome, but I used to use Firefox. Now I only use it for players that require Firefox when watching anime. XD Depends if having foxes as pets are illegal or not. ;o

    And glad to hear that~.
    It was slow at first because I downloaded right when they released it, so there weren't many seeds. The download page even crashed due to the amount of traffic, lol. After a while, it took about an hour to complete. My laptop's terrible, but our internet's pretty decent, so I dunno.

    Looked it up, and seems it's an oldie, which I don't mind. I'll check it out when I have some time~.

    Mmm, I'd like some pizza too. Just go to sleep, and it'll be finished in no time. :3 Oh wait, where do you live? Might be different timezones.

    Heh, thanks for worrying about me. >w</

    How . . . do we position ourselves for that? >///< *perverted mind*

    Another question, if you don't mind me asking: How old are you? I've always wanted an older sister, so . . . >///<
    No~pe, not at all. For reference, I have an hourglass figure, and I weigh about 115 lbs. I'm pretty healthy in terms of eating, but I should probably exercise more. =w=

    No, I haven't, but I'll check it out~. Is it an anime, manga, visual novel, etc.?

    Yep, only girls. Only. And I would like that-nya~. <3

    And if that was a question, then yes, I like pizza. >w</
    Everyone on the internet is a guy unless stated otherwise. Just kidding, but it's a good policy to go by. XD And my name's derived from a female - to be specific, Tachibana Kanade from Angel Beats! So you're not lame. <3

    Haha, awesome otaku? Nah, and I doubt I'd look cute; not much of a "cute" person. I have the body figure of a woman though - skinnier than my imouto. >.>

    Hmm, muzukashii. I'm bad at listing stuff on the top of my head. orz

    You're welcome~. If you're interested in torrents, then download uTorrent; if you have any questions, feel free to ask~. And I just wanted to make sure. :3 Yuri is hawt. <3 If I was female, I'd totally be a lesbian.
    I just realized it would've been awkward either way since I'm a guy. Just not your normal type of guy. XD

    Yeah, I understand; nowadays, I don't keep up with latest new Pokemon. And wow, I remember watching some of those cartoons. Good times. =w=b

    I wish I wasn't isolated too. XP And I didn't have many alternatives besides becoming an otaku. =3=
    Oh wow you changed your pics to To Love ru~
    Nya~~ Shes so tsundere that its awesome :)
    (Well at least i think its to love ru if im wrong tell me)

    Okay finish dropping by~
    Back to doing homework now
    Yeah, that color's good.

    Hey, Pokemon was amazing back in the days; it was my whole childhood. Literally. :D And I've learned to accept that fact, so it's okay~. Hopefully thing's will change once I go to college.

    I'd rather not since people don't know I'm an otaku, and I'd like to keep it that way. And I know that; I enjoy what I do. I'll probably do this for the rest of my life. <3 It's not that I'm scared - I'm just saying how lonely it is being isolated. :<

    Wow, I wish my mom was like that. She sounds cool. :) Just so there's no confusion in the future, are you male or female? Because depending on the answer, that would be kind of awkward. >///<
    Dream 4
    I was a doll (Rozen Maiden type doll... female too :/) I was aboard a haunted ship and there was another doll with me. We split up and went around the ship searching. The ship glowed green and torches turned on as i walked close. After a while the water level rose suddenly and covered most of the ship. I met up with the other doll again and went to a room that i had found earlier with her. On the way one of the suits of armor slashed at us while we were walking past but we dodged. In the room was a third doll except this was life sized and covered by a white cloth standing at the far wall of the room next to a desk with a round mirror hanging on the wall in front of it. There was an air of sadness and I uncovered the doll. The other doll pleaded that we leave this room. Ignoring her i sat the large doll down at the desk and started combing her hair. I saw the doll smile in the mirror and rushed out of the room with the other doll.
    Hmm sushi isnt bad~
    whats your idea for a movie? :3
    Licks hmm i like when kittens lick my hand xD
    I want to dream dive too~ Seems like it would be fun
    Its not always fish type creatures lol
    Hey, I passed the limit. XD

    About that game, it's free, and it's amazing. Here's a link: http://www.anime-sharing.com/forum/eroge-corner-102/%5B120401%5D%5Bfour-leaf-studios%5D-katawa-shoujo-41019/#post217861 Only torrents are available since the download links are down (probably due to too much traffic).

    Just a warning, but it does have adult-content in it, which can be disabled in the options. Other than that, it's an amazing game that was developed completely by a group of volunteers that gathered together from various places over the internet. There's a long story behind it, but it took five years to develop, and they're giving it out completely free. Heck, I would've payed for this; heck, I'd pay right now if I had any money.
    The only reason why I want to dance is because of K-Pop groups and their addicting dances. Oh, and Nico Nico Douga dancers too. Really amazing stuff. Singing is due to listening to so much music, so I guess it'd be natural. >w< And guitar is thanks to all those covers on YouTube such as:
    Busy with school for one thing. Anime for another. XD
    I see. You should try using a little darker color, so it's more visible, but it's up to you. X)

    Sure, I don't mind. It's not a big deal anyways; just hard to understand. For starters, I live in the middle of nowhere, and I'll leave it at that because there's seriously no point in telling which city I live in since you won't know - I guarantee it. I'll tell you that I live in the US at least. Anyways, to keep it simple, no one here is knowledgeable about anything otaku-related, like I said before. The most people know is only popular stuff that have been dubbed (ie. Pokemon). As such, I have no one to share my interests, and so I have no close friends, but I get along with people fine though. Not sure if I explained it all, but should do for now.

    It's not annoying; just no point in apologizing since there's nothing to be sorry for. >w</
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