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  • Canvas 2 :

    these are som images of some of my favorite characters of kamidori alchemy meister
    Hi to all the visitors long time no see. These days I,ve been playing: Kamidori Alchemy Meister and I have to admit that is one of the best eroges I,ve played and I,m still trying to get all CG'S of it but I personally highly recomend it for poeple that haven't played it here are some pictueres of some characters :

    Long time since I posted anything i'v been rather busy and viewnig some things one of them was on of the post of anime-sharing on how many of the members here have a girlfriend/boyfriend and pretty much of the people here want one but doesn't have the courege to try if the have someone they like or to try find them best way I think to try at least one time is to have some friends and they to try encourege you and make you at least try.

    Second thing I'v been playing Agarest Generation Of War Zero Im coruntly playing the story for the third time because I need it for some objects and try to find a good formation and best characters in it I still am tring to finish the boundary edge it requeries many patience.

    And the third thing I'v found a better page to watch hentai the link is:
    It depends on my mood
    If I'm bored, slices of life is good for me
    If I want more than just watching people go through their lives in rather unnatural eays, then it would be either : action/psychological/survival
    well here is a page were you watch anime series probably many of you watch your series there or on another page if soneone knows some page with better quealitis than this one I would like you to text me:
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