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  • No problem, I understand how busy people can get, so don't worry about it :)
    You did made a good point there about him logging into HF and calls them pussies. If he does not like the site then GTFO! I agree, it may be that he is just there to promote his site.
    Wow, makes me wonder what type of shit he is going to do for as an April Fools Joke next year. I'm still wondering if his ban is a temp or a permanent ban, from what it looks like it was TSR that dropped the banhammer on him since he clean up the mess/argument. I'm still wondering how he became a mod at NIHO.
    May I ask, what happened 2-3 years ago on UME thread that TSR wanted to ban him?
    Oh yeah I decide to take some pics right before one of the admins takes it down.
    Yeah one thing I forgot to mention was that niho even opened up a Hentai Discussion section, which is one of Hongfire's key things that makes the website even more popular, just so the hf people had somewhere to go for their mods. I felt that was a total rape fest XD.
    Hmm about LeonX, well I don't know the guy very well so yeah that surprised me on what you said. Although I do remember I clicked on someones profile and IIRC there were two members talking about how someone got Neg. Rep from LeonX on HF because he was called a SCAMMER , when earlier this year around April Fools Day; LeonX said he had a supposedly had a leaked OMEGA 2 of UME's works and he said people can get it if they have a paid account to his site/blog as an april fools joke. I remember when I was reading that I was like "wtf... that is quite a thin skin he has". IIRC during last saturdays shit storm at HF, someone called him a "cumguzzling arsehole" and some other stuff too but I can't remember very well. I also heard he was banned from HF before with another uploader (back when HF offered dl's), but I don't know the details. Anyways what do you mean he is a subject of lynching?
    Oh sorry for the late reply, I had issues logging back in to this site, I keep losing my password (-_-)
    Anyways by now you already noticed the servers are back up now. From what I heard of one of the servers OS had corrupted. I think it was saturday when the site came back up but at the cost of a rollback of two weeks meaning every single thing you did in the past two weeks was deleted. For example all my posts I made in the past two weeks were deleted and some people reported that their password would not work because they recently change their passwords but had to use their old passwords again.
    Anyways right before hongfire(the admin) showed up there was a total shit storm on the "Sorry about the downtime yesterday" thread (a couple of weeks ago the site was down for around 7 hours), it was all pretty much hongfire vs. niho. Pretty much most people started talking about how the niho people started spreading rumors the site was down forever, next thing you know LeonX shows up and is getting attacked by someone after he responded to someone for calling the niho people "fuckers". I'm pretty sure you know that LeonX is a mod over at niho, so he pretty much he was there to defend his site but was quickly getting attacked. Then a couple of minutes into the shit storm, the admin: HF shut the site down again, but not completely with a message that reads:
    "Sorry for the long down time. We have some server problems were forced to build the server. We are still working on getting the site back to where it were before. Please wait a little bit longer. Thank you."
    I'm pretty sure there will be an announcement and a lot of people getting slapped over that shit storm. I was getting quite amused over it at how people reacted.:lmao:
    Yeah I'm using a different username at HF, but err can't say which sorry... since I try to keep my identity as secretive as possible so I go to other forums with different usernames. I don't spend a lot here in anime sharing since I only come here for downloads. Anyways I personally went to HF for the conversations which were good people there. I'm pretty sure you could agree since I saw you posting a lot at the UME thread.
    hello, You may not know me but I know you since I met you at hf. I guess since hf is down most people dispersing all other forums huh? Meanwhile all the people at niho are celebrating -__-
    Hello, I was wondering if you could reupload love x cation hcg pack ;o
    Can't seem to find any others and the links on your thread are outdated :<
    Just wanted to say thx for re-doing download.

    Cant wait to download and see it.
    say... does edoc flash uploader got error in you? i can't upload using it. it's been 24 hours now
    no... it's a P2P program like winny and share... this'll help you get your stuff 2-3 hours faster than torrent... but i don't know about HCG... since people like GC or Flower are ripping the game!
    they did now? aww that's killing uploaders! but i never like nyaa either. they're making profit from j-list banner. and now they stopped their tracker but still listing torrent while also forbidding ddl links. that's a dirty way
    not quite since too many rival in H-Manga section :XD:
    but, at least it's producing. maybe the factor of a new filehost also affecting, when filesonic was still around i could get 10-20 times more than i am now, but then again the number of files was almost reach 1 thousand files
    goes for me too... until i noticed your thread, apparently we're on different business... im for hentai manga, and you're for hentai CG :XD:
    Filesonic Link For U Me Soft Contains Only 105 ev CG, That's Just Totally uncool Man.
    You need to check your threads. Many of them got hotlink problems.
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