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  • hum I'm not a fan of vanilla ("I love you, me too, then let's have sex" too boring!) or dark theme type (too much violence or bizarre things just make you wishing close your Winds 7 after 2 or 3 scenes xD). G.J? is mostly known for vanilla type but they also did some dark one at the past. Whatever they did, they idealy found a way to get a balance of content and make it interesting. Art style ... nothing to report, always awesome.
    This one seems good but weak number of attractive women and scenes in comparation with last games. I didn't tested it yet. I will get an opinon when I will be done lol.
    Same there ... I don't really have free time to enjoy it correctly then I am gonna wait.
    But I am surprised, seems this game is not as welcomed as previous one by people. Nobody spoke about, no many DLs ...
    Too rare for a G.J? Game
    I am wondering the same thing. How a troublesome member could become a mod ? o_O
    About Ume thread 2 years ago ... Pizza Takeout Oscenity just came out and Leonx bought it the same day, some hours after it was available on DLsite and he shared it on his blog. He came then in HF to promote his new post.
    You're surely saying to yourself "it's pretty kind from his, at least it's not selfish ...", the only thing is that files were accessible only for VIP members. When people tried to DL the game they just scratched on this VIP member issue and as usual he was subject of a big quarrel. I remember TSR deleted 2 pages of messages full of insults and fights btw Leonx and members XD
    TSR warned him of ban because he promoted that release whereas it was forbidden and also because he was at the center of a dispute with HF members. Maybe he was really temp banned because he didn't post any message during 2 weeks after that.
    To calm down everyone, I had to buy the game, ripp, share it on Nyaa and tell everybody on HF it's available XD
    This year he didn't do the same mistake, he shared Omega II without VIP access lol. At least seemed last year was a lesson for him.

    The thing is that it was not the first time he does this kind of injustice sharing selfishly his links. At the time when HF was still allowing DLs, He had a special thread with all UME games and vids but some were available for free and others required premium account. Complaints were raining down on him lol
    Sorry for so late reply, I got too much busy last days.

    Well, with "subject of lynching" I mean he's oftenly insulted by many members because of his attitude. The conversation on the screenshot you posted is the perfect exemple. If he thinks that those "fuckers", "pussies" are unable to run correctly a forum, why the hell does he log on that forum and continue being a member. And even in case he's annoyed, it was not an obligation to be so impolite.
    Really, he's a good guy when you take time to have a conversation with him but ... He has this strange attitude to incur quickly people's wrath lol
    And ... I remember perfectly that time on Ume's thread you spoke about when he posted a fake pre-release of Omega II and it pretty much recent.
    He just screwed up making a fool joke on his site with that pre-release and came to HF to tell "Guys I am the only guy who has a pre-release of Omega II just Come to my blog to check, people with VIP statut will get it easy, blablabla..."
    Some were to much excited, waiting for this game for years and I remember at this time news from Ume where too rare, then they bought a premium access to his site to get specialy this pre-release.
    When they discovered it was a joke then he completely lost his credibility among many HF members. "Scammer", "lyer" ... They are some of insults I can remember because this story was too long and messages too wild xD
    I didn't know him at time when HF was allowing DL's but he was pretty much appreciated for his threads and contribution ... But clear that now, he just log in many forums to promote his blog.
    I remember through 2-3 years ago, TSR (HF Mod) just wanted to bann him (one more time because of a dispute on Ume thread and a shit related to his blog) hahahaha.
    Wow, what a story lol ... HF closes doors for few days to fixe some internal servers issues and people take advantage of this to reap each another ? xD
    What happened to Leonx doesn't surprise me at all. I don't if you know him very well, if you already had opportunities to see his activities and attitude on forums but he's oftenly victim of lynching xD
    I really don't know how he does but he has this "super ability" to say things pissing off people lol. He's a very kind guy, but sometimes he really should shut his mouth to avoir saying silliness and provoc people anger lol
    Yeah I am fan of Ume's art style and just like you I go on hongfire for conversations.
    People in Anime-Sharing don't really spend time getting conversations. They just upload/DL the stuff they want and leave. It´s a good forum but not as complete as it was HF.
    BTW, do you know what´s happening to HF last days ? I still can't access it. Hope it´s not definitely down o_O
    Hey, worry I can't remember your pseudonym but may be the reason is you're using a different one on HF.
    Anyway, HF era was definitely the best. Good people, good uploaders, the best info about everything ... But now they closed their structures, people just left for different forums unfortunately
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