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  • All rigth, just a little earlier if possible, how about 4 pm, México hour? If not then 9 pm, because tomorrow I have class from 6pm to 8pm
    Almost ready, just need to get dinner, I'll be back soon, meanwhile start to get the necessary info, you know, the IPv4.
    Sorry to let you down again :(, this time it was out of my hands to do anything, there are situations that I can't control and this weekend was quite awful, I can help you tomorrow because today I'm still trying to mend the mess from the weekend, I'm really sorry for not keeping my word.
    I would appreciate it, but I can help you this weekend, on Saturday between 8pm-11pm, what do you think?
    Wow, sorry to reply up until now, I've been a little "tied up" with school and yesterday, after finishing my partials decided to watch an anime, sorry I forgot to help you, it's just I really needed to relax after 3 weeks of consecutive partials, you know, it's kinda stressful.
    About the help, let's try it in around 30 minutes, need to eat something :), I'll be back buddy.
    Yeah, sorry to answer this late, but today I had a lot of stuff to do and until now I got to use the laptop, so sure about 8 p.m.
    Sorry my friend, it seems that the problem isn't coming from the game itself, but from the graphics settings of your laptop, which mean that I'll have to make a better investigation about it, but I won't be able to do it until Saturday because I have my partials this Friday and I'll be studying like there's no tomorrow, can you wait til then?
    Sorry, I've been a little busy, got 2 partials the Friday and another one the next Tuesday, but I can help you tomorrow after 8pm, of course México hour how about that?
    Try reinstalling it, when I played that game it didn't gave me any problem neither while installing nor while playing, so your case it's kinda weird.
    About the image, it says that the file (the one located in the route written there), has a different format than the one expected and that when you put the file in the debugger you must click "Yes".

    And about my laptop specs:
    Processor - Intel Core i5
    RAM - 8Gb
    Video Card - 1Gb
    No, that's just a trick to make you buy the program, or at least my experience says me so, the only thing you need to do there is download the .dll file you need.
    Mount the image of the game, don't open the installer, open the folder a go to "DirectX" folder and search for a .exe file, run it and install the "DirectX"; now for the .dll you're missing just search for the file here:


    Once you downloaded it put the .dll file in the installation folder of the game, good luck :).
    You're making a great mistake my friend... I've been playing video games since I was 2 years old and I was a pro in almost every genre until the university took away my time :(, but anyway I'm still playing games but not for so much time as I used to play (around 8-14 hours per day in holidays and 2-4 hours the rest of the days); so about your question, if you ask me, then I will recommend you, without thinking it twice, PS4, because XBOX One only has games of First Person Shooter and Sport, and being sincere, they haven't changed at all, besides the graphics of course, since I can remember, while PS4 is abundant in all kind of games, starting from my favorites the JRPG's and going all the way down until the list ends with the FPS and Sports ones, moreover, PS never has had region protection (which means you can play games from Japan by just inserting them on the console), and last but not least, because the manufacturer of XBOX is Microsoft and come on, they aren't great, if I use Windows it's just because is necessary to play Eroge 'cause they don't run on another platform, be it Ubuntu (the one I use for work) nor MacOS (the one I hate the most).
    Sorry to write this much, but I'm just not the type that says yes or no just because I can, I'd rather justify why I say what I say.
    Hope this helps you to decide which one :).
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