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    Gundam Seed was OK. I'm not sure what else to write. Just that it was good. You don't have to email it, you can just upload it on MediaFire and I can download it.
    You can reply whenever you can, there's no need to apologize, it's not like I don't have anything to do.
    ok if i get the group back together will you be like the vp of the group so i can have help in making the group popular with new users and stuff like that.
    I'm still in high school so it's ok for me. I'll check out if Gundam Seed is good tomorrow. I did see that there was another series for Higurashi no Naku Koro ni but since the first one didn't really impress me I never gave it a thought. You can keep an anime list online at MyAnimeList or Anime-Planet, I'll send you my list when I update it tommorow, I just got home from a gaming convention so I'm pretty tired, you can sand me yours if you want, I'd like so see it... Yeah I'm a guy, what about you?
    actually i kind of forgot about that group. it was kind of a fail i guess cause i never really knew how to lead it so i kind of gave up and went back to writing my our hentai to past the time
    It's not really that fast, about 8 hours in total of anime takes me 2 days to watch... Or is that weird? I don't have a lot of homework. No spoilers about Valvrave, already seen it this summer, currently watching season 2, I was also really impressed by the story, if you haven't gotten to the last few episodes of the first season you're going to be surprised xD
    Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni has been on my computer for ages, but since I read the manga I always don't feel like watching it because I know what happens. I still don't fully understand the plot in it, the author really screwed up with timelines.
    In a few years it will probably be cheaper when something better comes out, it's always like that.
    Yo, I know about the second season, I've known about it since they made it on moetron.com, can't wait for it. Hmmmm dual audio... I watch Ergo Proxy (and everything else) in Japanese because I always find English voice acting to be without that special feeling. It's always missing something. Already watched Guilty Crown, like long time ago and yes I did love it. LOL Who wouldn't?
    I download my anime too but I only have 1.5 TB so I'm saving my space, downloading smaller files and so on... I use BakaBT and I know a nice trick :happywhistle:
    I'll be 18 in January soooo... yeah. :samuraihero:
    I'm not a Naruto fan either. Every season I watch the first 2 episodes of every anime do decide if it interests me,
    and this season I dropped a few. Also since I started watching anime about 1,5 years ago I still watch some older
    anime. So it's most of this season + Psycho Pass, Ergo Proxy and Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo.
    I really really do like dark anime, it seemed dark and that's why I asked :)
    i left because i never have the time for this site alot but im back now......kind of .....a little....
    Hmm my dreams? Just random stuff usually but if it has any significance in some way then ill type it~ Not going to post it soon though...
    Hmm dunno? xD Im just typing up a wall... well just my two dreams really... =w= But already have been doing that for hours xD
    Lol i dont really pay for it ;p The site i found was free xD I think they work with donations... not sure =w=
    Hmm find a site where they do sig rotations~ Some are better than others but most seem to have... drawbacks.. unless you pay :/

    Lol tips~ So youre going to make your own siggies? xD
    Rotators just shove sigs in a rotation and changes with every refresh~

    Hmm... if you want~ xD He should be around somewhere...~
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