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    Happy Holidays JJ!
    Still hating on the weebs, I hope?
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    Firs, sorry it took me so long to reply. Been kinda busy and..kept forgetting it :x
    I've checked and the progress percentage is the same as the project homepage. It's still going to take a while as only the common route is at 93%. The rest is still untouched.. =( it makes sense to me..I was kinda confused when I saw those terms. I felt stupid not knowing so I just had to ask :3

    I know, I've seen the prices ranging from around $22 to a whopping $80. I know they're expensive but I'd love to have a physical copy of at least one of those books.
    Oh, it's an Art book. I'm not well-versed in manga/doujinshi/artbook so I assumed it's doujinshi. I should take the effort to look up the difference between them..

    There's just one little thing that bothers me of most of her arts. There's pretty much always text covering the character which I don't like like.
    I prefer images with nothing covering the character. Everything else around is fine.
    There's this one I really like but it has Izumi's autograph covering her arm.

      Spoiler: This one 

    It bothered me so I gave it a shot to 'restore' it.

      Spoiler: Managed to do this 

    It's my first time doing it so..what do you think?

    Dakimakura's huh..Too bad I'm not much a fan of those. I might get one of Izumi's art printed though, probably A3 or A2 size :3
    But commissions would be great!
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    I know..kinda makes me sad..oh well :3

    Yea, according to Fuwanovel's site info, Mashiro-iro's Translation progress is at 13%. But I don't when this was last updated so it might be a little bit more than that.
    I can't all xD It's gonna take a while though.. 3 times huh? It must be good then ^^

    Hmm..I see.. Well, I'll give the game a try and see if I feel like playing through all of it. I just hope it's the slightest bit better than the anime adaptation..
    It's these type of anime need nee more than 12/13 episodes (more like 20 to 24) to be interesting/good. It doesn't turn out well if everything's crammed up in such a short amount of time.

    Uhmm..probably an odd question..but I'm really not familiar with the terms 'SakuSaku' and 'KoiSaku' so what do they actually stand for?. It's probably short for something I know but still kinda confusing :x

    Yea, I'll tell you whenever I find something new :3
    I am actually considering buying Colorful Pop Vol. 13 of eBay, it looks nice and it'll be my first ever Doujinshi :3
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    Ohh, no pressure, feel free to reply whenever you're free to do it. I just want to say happy birthday~
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    Happy Birthday
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    First, Happy birthday~! Wish you a wonderful day ^^

    I'd love to get ANYTHING with Tsubasu's signature on it o.o
    Can't seem to find anything and if I do..I find it kinda hard to believe it's actually genuine.. I'm still waiting for the translated version. I can't read Japanese (The Kanji that is..)
    So I'll have to wait for that.. But the main reason I wanna play it is because of Izumi's art. I have seen the anime and it was pretty....bad D:
    I'm sure the VN itself is much better.
    You mean 'Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka' right? Uhmm..didn't know there was a a game of it :0 Seen the anime of it though.

    (Yes, there can never be enough Tsubasu art <3)
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    Happy Birthday to you JoyJason, may the god light your path to ero!
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    OMG YES! I'm not alone!
    I absolutely love Tsubasu Izumi's Artwork <3
    *high fives*

    Hi too :3
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    Happy Birthday Joyjason
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    I think I am starting to understand why you hate these individuals so much. People riding the bandwagon because it's the 'in thing' are definitely annoying. The 'in thing' being the banana in the cage in this case. However, I still have to grasp certain keywords to your definition of a weeeaboo.
    Like 2) Unnecessary vocalization of their favors.
    What does the average weeeaboo vocalization sound like?
    By 3) Large amounts of fantasizing--.. I can understand(also from your previous posts) that you view games/anime from a third-person perspective. Never the character, almost as if you are saying that there is a line between fiction and reality and one must avoid mixing the two.

    How do you feel about these topics?

    I never really got started on SAO though. What makes it different, from say, another series with virtual reality gaming as its main element like Accel World? I would really like to hear your opinion on the titles you mentioned.
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