Zessyaka [Chapter 01-07] [Ongoing]


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Oct 14, 2018

Title: Zessyaka
Other title: Zessyaka!, ぜっしゃか - 私立四ツ輪女子学院絶滅危惧車学科, Zesshaka - Shiritsu yottsu wa Joshigakuin zetsumetsu kigu-sha gakka, Zessyakka, Zesshaka!, Zessyakka - Private Yotsubashi Girls' Academy Department for Endangered cars., ぜっしゃか!‐私立四ツ輪女子学院絶滅危惧車学科‐, ぜっしゃか‐私立四ツ輪女子学院絶滅危惧車学科‐, Zesshaka - Shiritsu Yotsuwa Joshi Gakuin Zetsumetsu Kigu-sha Gakka, Zesshaka! Shiritsu Yotsuwa Joshi Gakuin Zetsumetsu Kigu-sha Gakka, Zessyakka - Private Yotsubashi Girls' Academy Department for Endangered cars
Status: Ongoing
Author: Sekihan
Language: ENG
Des: On the distant island where Yotsuwa Private Girl's Acadamy is located, the Near-Extinct Car Academic Faculty takes old barn finds and restores them and their owner's memories. Following her dream of driving her late grandfather's Subaru Sambar, Rico Momose and her freshman friends join the Rare Car Class to bring back to life these old, forgotten vehicles and their legacies. Follow Rico and her friends' journey as they make plenty of car-related memories.
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