Yin-Yang! X Change EX


Jan 26, 2015
Yin-Yang! X Change EX

Himekava Tayga worked as the teacher and spent the days in care of the future of pupils. Once, at the request of members of scientific club, it was invited as the observer behind carrying out experiment. But something went not so, and the Taiga fainted. Having regained consciousness, it felt changes in the body - it had a breast, and the man's body disappeared! Well, now he should learn to live in an image of the nice girl, feeling new feelings and learning secrets of a female body. Whether will be able, and the most important, whether will want, the Taiga to return everything back? !
Genre: Comedy, Gender Bender, Yuri, Toys, Futanari, Pee, Group, Masturbation, Anal, Chikan, Bondage, Pregnant, Lactation
Censorship: Is in game (games) of distribution
Edition type: License
Tablet: Is present

File size: 2.0 GB

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Yin-Yang! X Change EX.rar


Yin-Yang! X Change EX.rar
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Christiesroom Flash Games

Release Year: 2013

Genre: 3DCG, Flash, Simulator, Animation,
Language games in English
Language: English
Language: English
System requirements: For each game, ~ 25 MB free space, Flash Player or the browser with flash plugin
Description: You will have to work that would excite and engage in love with them, the game can do anything you want, for you to decide what you do with them!

File size: 1.5 GB

Download Christiesroom Flash Games
Immoral Ward

ILLUSION latest is a story Immoral to unfold in the hospital.
As to be able to enjoy more the atmosphere of the story, expand the etch scene of real-time movie tailoring in this volume.
Camera operation is possible and which is considered to be able to synchronize with ejaculation story points less appears.
Free etch mode After being cleared because it is equipped of course, it is also possible to enjoy the free play of your favorite!
Genre: Simulator, SLG, 3D, ADV, Constructor, BDSM, Big breasts, Blowjob, Group, Hospital, Toys, Training, Cosplay
Censorship: Is, but it is possible to remove
Edition type: Original (license)
Tablet: It isn't required

File size: 4.9 GB

Download Immoral Ward
Harem in maze

Release Year: 2013

Genre: ADV, 3DCG, Animation, Fantasy, Tentacles, Pregnant, Cosplay, Pee
Censorship: None / a patch to remove
Platform: PcWindows
Publication Type: Informal
Medicine: Not required
Language Game: English
Language: English
Sound language: English
System requirements: Os: Windows XP/Vista/7, Cpu: 2.0Ghz, Ram: 512MB, 1024x576, Directx: 8.0

File size: 1.3 GB

Download Harem in maze
Super Naughty Maid!

Riona is an amazingly lewd maid!
She will gladly receive sperm of her beloved master deep in her pervert p*ssy!
Do you want to take lessons of love from a very cute maid?
- Handjob, blowjob, missionary, girl on top and doggy style!
- Each action has different stories! Enjoy the sex lesson!
- One ejaculation scene for each story!
- Easy to play with one hand!
- Many variations for Riona's inner naughty voice!
- Full 3D animation quality with more than 200 cuts!
- More than 60 minutes of explicit sexual audio, with layered erotic voice, genital fluids and oral sound effects combined!
- Powered up modeling, motion and production!!
Genre: Animation, 3DCG, Dirty, Talk Girl, Maids, Internal Cumshot, Blowjob, Twin Tail
Censorship: Is in game (games) of distribution
Edition type: Original (license)
Tablet: It isn't required

File size: 1.0 GB

Download Super Naughty Maid!
Honoo no Haramase "Wanpaku" Oppai Ojou-sama Gakuen

Release Year: 2013

The main hero of history - Yukava Reon, the teenager with brilliant intelligence (IQ 256) and talent for science. As well as many from it similar - he is the indecisive "house" boy, but there is at it one secret subject of lamentations. Here only it became clear that an ideal for that girl is "the high guy"!
"Shizu-nee so never will fall in love with me! I am simply obliged to become tall!"
The improbable tension of thought and work - and soon of the accelerated supermaturity "Vyrastin Z" is ready! was immediately tested, but the effect was gained far from the expected: instead of grow, the hero received ability to turn at an erection into "from the past" - the Superkid. Plus it was found out that each time as Yukava will terminate and will return to a normal look, its growth increases a little!
It is time to begin a gain and fertilization of busty maidens!
Genre: ADV, Big tits, Comedy, Harem, Animation
Edition type: License
Tablet: It isn't required

File size: 2.7 GB

Download Honoo no Haramase "Wanpaku" Oppai Ojou-sama Gakuen
Crimson Train - Visual Game

Release Year: 2015

Genre: Chikan, Group sex, Big tits, Anal, Blowjob, Titsjob, Harem, Toys, BDSM
Censorship: Is the game (games) distribution
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: Informal
License: Freeware
Language games: Japanese
System Requirements: OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7, CPU: 800MHz, RAM: 256, 1024x768, DirectX: 9.0

Description: Was recorded omnibus story of four, brand new Crimson Crimson SS debut. Four schoolgirl, announcer, spy, tennis girl, to blame no shame so Aragai each!

File size: 503.0 MB

Download Crimson Train - Visual Game
Fightdoll Execution

Mixed martial arts event Fightdoll
used to be a legitimate, pure battle organization for young girls.
Corrupt management has warped the event, introducing hardcore sex penalties
and overlooking vicious . Now the event has decayed into
a hyperviolent No-Rules porn brawl!!! (Awesome!)
Genre: Action, Fighting, Sexual Training, Pervert, Big Breasts, Toys, Torture, Ryona/Brual/Hardcore
Censorship: Is
Developer/publishing house: StudioS
Platform: PC/WindowsVista/Windows7/Windows8
Edition type: Original (license)
Tablet: It isn't required

File size: 516.9 MB

Download Fightdoll Execution

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