What games have you bought recently?

Hand Simulator, rofl, i wanted to see if it was as hard as people said
F1 2019 Champions Edition (some Senna vs Prost stuff...) with Formula 2 this time and expanded Career mode.
Half Dead 2. It is a really neat escape room game. Wish more people were playing this game.
I bought some digital games from Nintendo Switch eShop like some Otome games and preorder SX Core (Mod Chip for Switch).
The House in Fata Morgana: Dreams of the Revenants Edition (Nintendo Switch) Digital Only. I don't have SX Core on my Switch yet. No promise, to upload them.
Last game i bought was Samura Showdown collection and before that was Monster Hunter Rise.
Is that going to be a pre/sequel?

neither, it will be a new IP from the same developers. it will takes some combat ideas from sekiro and bunch of other ideas from dark souls. it will be kind of open world games.
White Clarity: And, the Tears Became You (First Print Limited Edition), I bought it from eBay a few months ago.
Pre-ordered Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Hou+ Limited Edition, despite the cover looking meh (and the music being changed). Only did it because I missed out of the 2014 release and the game (new) costs like 10.000 Yen+ on YA/Mercari etc these days.
I'm currently unemployees so i not brought any, i'm usually steal them...
Pre-ordered Seven Pirates H (LE) on Play-Asia, hopefully Castle Panzers gets ported to Switch soon since it was originally a PS4 title.
Elden Ring. Though, not really bought, my boyfriend bought it for me so we could play together and then I became obsessed and started playing on my own hahahaha.
Besides freebies on multiple platforms, I have bought two different versions of Skyrim (Special and Legendary edition) at cdkeys here because of the mods I could use with them.

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