What do you do on rainy days?

browse random youtube videos to find music that i might like.
give my kitty a bath since she can't go outdoors to roll around in the leaves when it rains.
he perfect rainy day
get up slowly
have pancakes and maple syrup for breakfast
put my favourite cd on and read a book
order chinese for dinner and have a bottle of chilled expensive wine
have a relaxing bath with essential oils and relaxing music
go sleep on a bed with crisp clean covers knowing nothing that has happened to the outside world except that it has rained all day . that's what i'd do if i had the time but rainy days are never that perfect :-)
Mix this Pepsi Cola with Green Tea and lemon... quite delightful~
Rainy day = nothing to do outside.
So I just sit around at home and play games while enjoying a nice cup of tea.
Mix this Pepsi Cola with Green Tea and lemon... quite delightful~

There's a soda brand called Seagram, think target usually sells it, that has a sparkling green tea flavor. Basically green tea made with carbonated water.
Try to count the droplets of rain only for them to land upon my eyelashes if I stick out my head too far allowing the wet cold drips to swivel down my face and quickly soaking my neck and clothes, clinging to small frame as I shiver and lightly sneeze from it all~
I usually draw when it rains. The sound of the droplets hitting my window is so relaxing~
Sing this line from a song: 'Now it's raining inside, but that's not unusual. But the way that I'm feeling, become unusual. I guess you could say the clouds are moving away~'.

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