[Hentai game] [Visual novel] Warikiri kanojo


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Jun 18, 2023

About this game
"Please take out a lot, uncle♪"

I, who won the lottery, "Naoya Osawa" got a lot of money.

But he was happy only for the first few months.
Alone in a neat and spacious house, I had too much money and loneliness.

–I want her. I want to flirt.

It was then that her niece, Mai Namiki, visited me.

I want a girlfriend and my niece wants money.
I was the first to invite him as a proposal that would benefit both of us.

However, each time the position is reversed,
Now she is the one who invites me, and I even feel her affection.

If the relationship is not just between pleasure and money,
If you can become two people with complicated emotions intertwined–.

I still have a bright future ahead of me.


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