Jan 9, 2012
VA - GWAVE 2014 1st Favorite



Catalog No.: IMAE-70
Label/Distributor: Views
Released: Dec 26, 2014
CD: 166 MB
Composed by: N/A
Arranged by: N/A
Performed by: see tracklist
Lyrics by: N/A

Format: mp3
Channels: 2
Sample Rate: 44100 Hz
Compression level: 320 kbps / MP3 CBR

01. affection (song: KOTOKO) from AXL "racial merge"
02. Clower Day's (song: Marie) from ALcot "Clover Day'"
03. La eterno (song: AiRI) from Eushully "Tenbin no La DEA. -ikusa megami MEMORIA-"
04. MEMORIA (song: AiRI) Clochette "Sakigake generation!"
05. Re ANSWER (song: Yui Sakakibara) from SkyFish "shin Hakugin no soleil -ReANSWER-"
06. Yureochite omoi (song: Miur) from TinkerBell "OBa no uzuki -hitozuma, mibouji no ureta karada to amai toiki-"
07. UNLIMITED HEART (song: Erika Masaki) from Tenko "Eiyuu senki GOLD"
08. Hito natsu no (song: Yui Sakakibara) from
Haikuo Soft "Hito natsuno"
09. Yurafuwa Sunny day (song: KOTOKO) from Pajama soft "Renai harem -daisuki tte iwasete-
10. Koisaku mirai (song: Sayaka Sazaki) from Palette "Koi ga saku tokoro sakura doki"
11. Kimi ga itekureta kara (song: Duca) from HOOKSOFT "MeltyMoment"
12. Taiyou to kimi to (song: Duca) from PULLTOP LATTE "Koi suru natsu no last resort"
13. Art as (song: KOTOKO) from Front wing "Innocent girl"
14. Eien no kisetsu (song: NANA) from MOONSTONE "Love Sweets"
15. Guren gokuka (song: Yui Sakakibara) from light "Sousyu Sensinkan-gakuen Hachimyoujin"
16. Mirai flag (song: nao) from Rosebleu "Endless Dungeon"


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Can you please reupload this? Thank you!
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I want to play these uncensored versions in Japanese.

英雄*戦姫GOLD/Eiyuu * Senki GOLD
超昂閃忍ハルカ/Choukou Sennin Haruka
えろぼいす! Hなボイスでいちゃラブサクセス♪/Ero Voice! H na Voice de Icha Love Success ♪
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魔将の贄/Mashou no Nie
新訳 淫妖蟲/Shin'yaku In'youchuu

Can you post any of these?
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It seems that the previous version had some compatibility issues. I'm gonna sound like a broken radio (sorry), but would you update it again?
Thank you very much for your dedication.
孕ませキャンプ to Ver1.04
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Thank you for sharing the DLC and did not expect the Game+DLC but i was happy about that so thank you.

but would you like the DLC for the 2nd Game? i managed to find it after searching a lot of Websites just wanted to share the DLC with you if you wanted to add the 2nd game to your page to share with others.

well if you want me to then send me a message and ill upload it and send you the link to grab it.
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