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Jan 26, 2022
NOTICE: [hl-berry]Administrator note: All questions, requests related to username change, please post here.[/hl-berry]


I'd like to change my unsername to "Nu'ar Studios", but I don't have permission. Could you please change it or tell me what I have to do to change it?

Kind regards,
Anyoris (Nu'ar Studios)
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You may change your username once every 180 day(s) but you registered on January 26th, 2022, that mean you have to wait for enough 180 days to change your user name. But Checkmate changed your user name.
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Thank you! But I don't think my name has been changed. It's still "Nu'ar Studio", and I wanted to change it to "Nu'ar Studios".
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Since it's near 180 days, I'll make an exception this time. Your username has been changed.
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I had my account for longer then this but im still not able to change my username? It says I have no premission?

Can somebody help me here? I had my account for longer than 180 days, but my account says I have no permission to change the username?

What new user name do you want to change? I'll ask Checkmate for help.
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