Tricks Behind the Door (mF, incest, mom-son, whoring, halloween, mDom, cult, spooky)


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Mar 2, 2021
[hello! Since we have a few weeks before Halloween. I'll post this tale in smaller chunks before then. Enjoy!]

Tricks Behind the Door
by DiscipleN

"Candy corn?" The woman sneered after looking in her son's bag of treats. "Is that all? It's not even freak'n wrapped!" She glared and tucked her light jacket tight in the late summer, cool air. "When we get home, Jimmy, these go straight into the trash!"

The Fortnite Blaze costume stood below her chin, "It's okay, Mom." The boy smiled, winked, and thanked me for the treats. He pushed his mother along, down from our porch and into the cheerful gloom of Halloween.

There was a knock on the back door. I shut the front and turned off the porch light. I had to pass the wobbling coffin on our living room carpet, to get to the back entrance. It was peak hour for trick or treating, when leaving your post guaranteed an egging and of the front yard. I had zero such fears. I cracked open the back door and asked, "What did you bring?" A fake, skeletal hand offered a bag to me. I accepted it, shut the door, and emptied its contents on the kitchen table.

My price was real candy for each loose candy corn kernel. Despite some shitty nougat bars, the offer was decent, including my favorite coconut paste filled chocolates, with and without almonds. Turning back to the door, I opened it wide.

"Take a seat. You're next in line."

The five foot skeleton padded in on black sneakers. 'Skelly' sat in the chair closest to the living room.

"Show the next kid, what the guy in there shows you." I pointed to the living room.

Skelly nodded.

One of my fantasies was, a girl would find out about the treat behind my house's door. Could this be one? Their costume hid their sex very well. That wasn't difficult at our age.

I ambled to the front door. The plus sized coffin creaked loudly as I passed. Muffled groans escaped from under the lid. Glimmers of light seeped out. Behind me, the skeleton's chair rattled in reaction to the sound.

I grinned, grabbed my sack of candy corn, and switched on the porch light.

Behind me the full sized coffin lid squeaked open. A rank odor reached me after one occupant climbed out. He clumped to the kitchen. Whispers ensued at the kitchen entrance.

The doorbell rang. I opened the front door.

"Twick or Tweat" A very young fairy waved her wand at me. A man beside the tot held open a sack for her. I took one of the nougat bars from my pocket and dropped it in the sack. "Happy Halloween!" I closed the door.

Out of the corner of my eye, I spied the skeleton climbing into the coffin. They quickly shut the lid on top of them.

I opened the entry closet door and peeked at the source of a pale, blue glow in that minimal space.

The doorbell rang. I shut the closet and opened the front door.

"Trick, or the Treat behind the door." The dumbest looking Spiderman ever, held up his bag.

I was getting pretty good at counting twenty corns as a handful. I dug them out of my sack and sprinkled them into Spider-lame's.

A high pitched squeal shot out of the coffin. Spiderman cringed and backed down the steps. Would he be back?

I closed the front door and turned to the closet. Opening it, I saw Mother's face half buried under a writhing, young ass. The skeleton's loose leggings were strung across their owner's knees just above Mom's head. What was Mom sucking, cock or pussy? I really wanted to know. I wanted to rip open my vampire robes and jack off. I switched the baby monitor to the second camera.

Skelly's skull mask remained over their face, but enough cloth had been pushed up to free their mouth. It munched busily on Mom's hairy cunt.

The doorbell rang.

"Hey, are you the kid with the treat behind the door?" A college dude wearing a thin cardboard Ronald Reagan mask, stood like a snob in his sweater and jeans. I'd figured this might happen.

"Did you bring your pedophile certificate signed by the county?"

"Fuck, what?" He backed away.

"You have to be a registered pedophile, dude, to get that treat. I'm not talking just any, sex offender credential. Prove you're a pedophile or go jack off in the fucking bushes."

"This is shit. You ain't got fuck-all behind the door."

Mother shrieked from inside the coffin!

College boy Reagan fled for the hills! be continued...
There was a knock at the back door. I shut down the front and went to answer it. The coffin greeted my passing with ecstatic howls. The lid rattled, sending sheets of light across the living room.

At the back door, the Fortnite soldier handed me a treasure. They were almost pure chocolate, caramel and/or peanut bars. He must have run to a store and bought them. That was sorta against the rules, but I wasn't going to let these beauties out of my house.

After seating the well crafted Blaze costume, I told him, "Show the next kid, what the skeleton in there shows you."

The front door rang. Shit! I didn't have time for another peek at the monitor in the closet. The coffin rocked as if it might shatter! Joyous cries escaped the loose, rattling lid.

My best friend, Joshua, stood on my porch, wearing Christopher Nolen quality Joker make-up. His companion, dressed head to toe in black, garbage bag plastic, was much taller. He pointed at the woman beside him. "I'll trade you for the treat in front of your door." His grin would have shattered mirrors.

I looked up. Two eyes, sunk deep in a crude, plastic hood, met mine. Her curvy body was clad tight without a wrinkle except for the fat camel-toe pouting from at her groin. She or Josh must have worked carefully to stretch the black bags all the right ways, to accentuate her figure

"No fucking way, JJ." I blinked at him. "That's Mrs. J?"

"Yeah, she is!" His head wobbled bewildered. "I was out collecting candy to rent your whore when Mom texted me. 'I'll fuck you if you take me trick-or-treating.' I raced home to find her wearing this!" He coughed. "She must have cracked after acting like a goody-goody house-mom for all my years."

Mrs. J shook her head, but didn't say anything.

I opened the door wide. Joshua hustled his mother inside. I shut the door, killed the porch light, and pulled out my hard dick. I turned to my friend and pointed at the line of chairs, "You still gotta wait your turn." I told him.

"You're a real dick, but hey, sure." He grunted, hustling past the wildly rocking coffin and taking a seat next to Fortnite.

I forgot all of them and focused my lust on the skin tight wrapped bitch standing close enough to fuck. "I don't want to see your slut face, Mrs. Junksucker. Now make the name I just gave you, mean something!"

Joshua's mom kneeled. Her costume stretched with the pleasing sound of a woman whining. I stuck my dick under her leather hood and felt her lips capture the tip. I imagined double cunt sucking happening in the coffin while my friend's mother sucked me.

It had been easier to whore out my own mother on Halloween, than one might imagine. She was a witch, 'attuned' with a special cult in our town. It was basically an orgy group with goddess worship rituals. I found their ritual manual on mom's computer. I must have jacked off three times while reading every bullshit word of it.

I confronted Mom that night, after dad had gone to sleep. "Does dad know what you do when you go to a 'service?'" She claimed he knew, but I didn't believe her. Then I reminded her of one of the cult's power rituals, involving taboo sex. In-fucking-cest! "You can have me, but only if you submit to me when you want me." I sounded all powerful, but actually I would have begged her to just let me see her naked. She said she'd think about it.

I think she got advice from the cult's wisdom council. They told her the ritual was very powerful and should be performed only on holy days. Otherwise it would put her soul in danger. In danger of what - maybe of getting pregnant? I made sure Mom had a mega pack of condoms in the coffin. Mom agreed, when I said I would fuck her on Halloween.

Halloween was the holiest day their cult observed. I just liked to dress up as an undead. Vampire wasn't an imaginative costume, but I liked the idea of fucking Mom with fangs buried in her neck.

Joshua's mom was going to town on my cock. I slapped her head a little, "Slow and steady, Junksucker." I wanted to cum, but I was enjoying the bitch's enslavement more. I'd never gotten a blowjob. Hell, technically I was a virgin! I had seen a lot of BJs in porn, and I put most 'experienced' kids my age to shame with the number of orgasms I could achieve in one day.

This turnabout with Joshua and his mom surprised me. She wasn't a beauty, but she had a hot figure - if a little thick in places. The black, plastic bag material was stretched so tight that her tits and ass were like barbell weights at the ends of her torso. I told her to grip my rod while she sucked it. I was gonna gush at any second.

The doorbell rang. "Don't move, you suck whore." I answered the door and threw some random candy into three little girls' sacks. Fucking brats. Then there was a knock at the back door. My friend, Gary, handed me a sack of full-sized, fucking candy bars. It was the best haul of the night! I added him to the queue of chairs. His was the last in line. I worried that Mom wasn't putting out fast enough.

She was certainly putting out quality fucking. Two high pitched voices howled from the coffin. Beside it, Mrs. J waited for my prick to return to her mouth. I grinned from inspiration. "Hey, Fortnite, you want the cunt in the box or the fuck mouth on her knees?

He had probably been masturbating beneath his costume and needed to nut sooner than later. The Blaze costumed boy jumped up and skewered Joshua's mother's face. I tended the front door while two 'clients' moaned and groaned in my makeshift whorehouse.
After Mrs. J was wearing Fortnite's pearl necklace, I asked Gary if he wanted a suck or fuck? Gary went into a hall closet with Mrs. J, giving Joshua an evil leer. Joshua shrugged. He had already been promised his mother's cunt. He was going to fuck my mom first.

Finally, Skeleton, of indistinct gender, crawled out of the coffin. They could barely walk after what my mother had given. As they were leaving, I opened the lid and checked on Mom. "You okay?"

"A little sore, but It's nothing I haven't suffered for the coven." Mom was naked except for sopping veils of white linen. I wanted to bang her then and there! She looked at my dick bulge. "When am I going to get my treat?"

"Sorry, Mom, you're more popular than I expected. I've got enough candy to last until next Halloween.

"Whoring your mother out for candy." She shook her head. "I feel so under-appreciated."

"You mean humiliated, right?" I sneered.

She scowled but had agreed to obey me in all things before we fucked. "Hey Josh, the house cunt is ready for you." I pulled a condom from the mega pack and handed it to him when he reached the coffin.

I returned to the entry closet. After a quick peek at the video feed, I shut the closet and let my friend fuck my mother in private.

While two fucks were in progress, I was surprised to find that Halloween was officially over. My phone rang its 9 PM alarm. I switched off the porch light and hauled the crap candy I had been handing out, to the kitchen. I sat in one of the 'waiting chairs' and crunched on a nut bar. I wondered who would finish first, Gary or Josh.

Gary and Mrs. J. emerged from the hall closet. Her hood had been torn off, and there were rips in her costume, at tactical locations. Her dark nipples were somewhat camouflaged by the black plastic still pressing on her tits. A thick mat of curly, black hair sprouted from her crotch. The slitted plastic was wet with pussy juice and cum. "Totally worth it, Dude!" Gary escaped out the back door.

I grinned at Joshua's mom and patted the seat beside me. She frowned but stepped over and sat. "Yes, master." She bit her lip, clearly not happy about my use of her.

"You're new to this slave thing. "I told her. I began fondling her nipples. They perked up, and she shivered. I grinned. "Stand up, turn around, and bend over the chair."

She obeyed haltingly. I grabbed her butt and moved her into a proper position, then I stood behind her. "I'm new to this too." I'd only been reading about BDSM and watching pornos for the last couple years. I began spanking the stretched plastic covering her bare ass. "So you're in a tough spot, Bitch." I whacked her trembling butt a little more. "I might hurt you bad."

"P-please..." She started, but I reached over and slap her face. CRACK!

"Don't talk until I tell you." I returned to her ass and gave it five heavy wallops. I heard her sniff. She might have been crying, but she only cried aloud from each strike. "Yeah, you're green, but you've got promise." I sat in a chair and indicated for her to do the same. "Tell me, Slut. Why are you doing this tonight?"

Abruptly, she sobbed, and not just from sitting down. "I don't know!"

"Do you want more spanks?" I had no use for that answer. I didn't want to play games, except the one I was playing.

"It's true!" She looked pleading. "I was handing out candy, when an image of Joshua fucking me filled my senses. I could feel him. I could smell him! It was unlike anything I ever experienced. I wanted him so bad, I texted him, but he wanted to keep trick or treating. I begged him. He told me that I would have to become a sex slave and to dress the part. Then he might fuck me tomorrow." Mrs. J's eyes kept getting bigger. She really was confused by her situation. "I promised him. I told Crandal, my husband, to take care of the trick-or-treaters. I ran into the kitchen and started cutting up garbage bags. I used up an entire roll of transparent tape to get it this tight." She pinched some of the stretched plastic and let it snap back. "I'll do anything. I can still sense my son, moving inside me. If he doesn't do it for real, I'll go mad."

"You know he fucking my mom, right now."

"I almost didn't know. He waited to tell me about renting your mother, until we got to your house." Her face was a grimace exuding tears. "I don't care. Nothing matters. I need him."

Huh. That was a funky story. Maybe it was a lie, even, but it sure put the bone in my boner. I got up and pulled her up, turned her around and bent her over again. She never resisted. She only bawled more.

I plunged my steel into her cum dripping pussy and fucked rapidly. "You're a good fuck, a better fuck than you are a slave. If after you fuck Josh, and you want to remain a slave, let me know. We can train our roles together.

I was getting close to a big orgasm, but I was using mental tricks to forestall it. Suddenly the coffin lid creaked open. Joshua climbed out naked. Cum dripped off of his dangling, semi-hard cock. Mom was collecting condoms. He sneered into the cheap construction and gave her the finger. "Thanks, Cunt. Text me when you want more of this man meat."

He then sauntered up to me, as I was plumbing his mother's cunt with my eager tool. "You should stick it in her ass."

"Nooo!" Mrs. J. wailed. She had been properly quiet until then.

"Fuck this." I pulled out and cracked my hand on her warm ass. "Maybe you can do something with this stupid slut, Josh." I turned my back to them.

When I reached the coffin, I looked back. His mother was on her knees sucking my mom's cunt slime and her son's cum from his well used tool.

I peered into the coffin. To tame my arousal, I begin counting used condoms. She had tied each one. According to her coven's doctrine, cum must always go where it belongs. To avoid pregnancy, the women witches would freeze their filled condoms. When their bodies were least likely to conceive, they would warm up the stored cum and masturbate with special dildos that squirt it up their pius cunts. They don't believe in contraceptives, except for condoms, which allows them to control when they obey their cult's prime directive. Makes sense - goddess worship is almost always about fertility.

Mom finished tying up Joshua's cum balloon. She acted tired, but her eyes glowed at me. What next? They sought. "You fucked at least twelve guys tonight, Mom. How many did you suck off?"

"Maybe five. Most of the younger ones didn't know what they wanted. So I started gently."

"Hmmmm." I mulled over the concept. "You took advantage of them, knowing they would cum quick."

Guilt flashed across her face. Mom doesn't blush, but she hates being humiliated.

"Tomorrow, you stay naked, and don't shower."

"Hey, this was a one shot deal."

"Naked or no ritual." I threatened.

"Your father will want to know why."

"Tell him it's a coven thing. You said he knows what you do."

"He wants a clear separation between home and service to the goddess."

"Well, you certainly fucked up that promise, didn't you, Mom." I scanned our brothel/living room now stinking of sex.

"Well - what you did was uncalled for!" She argued, implicating my effort to ensure her night of candy whoring wasn't disturbed. Dad was tied up in their bedroom closet.

"Yeah, but you didn't stop me." I laughed. "Open your fucking legs, Cunt. I'm coming in."

"Finally." She muttered.
I shucked my vampire cape and pants. I kept my ruffled breast shirt and red cravat. I gnashed my teeth as I climbed into the wide coffin. The cameras were on the lid, so I left the coffin's lid on the carpet beside us, facing up.

I'd made sure there was plenty of room in the quickly crafted, plywood coffin. I expected the smell within to be pretty rank (another reason for removing the lid) but there's something about a mother's odor that wards all vile smells. The closer I got, the more her pheromones compelled. "You're not too sore?"

"I've been worse." The virgin sacrifice costume she'd begun the night in was torn and in disarray. The simple, white tunic normally reached her ankles, but its lower half was bunched up around her waist. A rubber dagger was glued to her chest, as if it was buried deep in her heart. Blood stains ran from there to her groin. "Come to Mama." She opened her arms to me, and I settled my body on top of hers. I sunk my plastic fangs into her neck. "I don't think my dick can get any harder." I whispered.

"We'll see about that." Mom's hands massage my butt as I worked my teeth around her throat. "That's actually annoying, Andy."

"Don't interrupt my fantasy, Slut Slave."

She sighed. "Yes, Master." Abruptly, she stabbed a finger into my ass!

I yelped and flinched upward, slipping across her sweaty skin. "Mom!"

"Take it, Bitch!" She grinned. Her finger wormed deeper into my butt, and suddenly my dick lurched. It got harder.

"No. You take it!" I plunged my steel rod into her juicy cunt!

"OOHH!!" She arched her back upward, beneath me. "Here enters my son, piercing the opening from which he came." She recited coven scripture.

I wasn't expecting her vag to grip like a wooden clamp. "Unngh!" I groaned, sinking deep into her condom/saliva/cunt juice defiled flesh.

"Welcome to the goddess, mortal." Mom hugged me to her and hunched her hips up, sucking in the full length of my prick. Sweat squeezed out between our chests. Her cunt fur weaved into my sparse pubes. "Wake her from long slumber. Stir her loins. Bring the joy of returning to her."

"Jeez, Mom, you feel like a teenybopper!" I exhaled fiercely. I didn't know what a teenybopper's puss felt like, but I imagined it was tight. As I pushed, I felt a tearing sensation, as if I'd burst through the hymen which had been pierced long before my birth. I began humping back against Mom's pelvic thrusts. My cock pumped in and out, and I was more excited than I'd ever been. It felt amazing!

"You have woken Her, Son." Mom muttered, one hand probing my anus. The other gripped my butt to ensure I thrust properly into her holy void. "More!" Her breath was like steam, burning my face and dampening my hair.

This woman beneath me, taking such a pounding as a jackhammer would give, cried for more. Something was changing within her. My senses sharpened, slicing away my prejudice as to who she was. Mom was every woman, she was The One, she begged me to fuck her into The Fertile Lands. "Andy!" She exclaimed, as an orgasm swept her mind away. "I will see you on the other side."

"Mamma! Mother!" I humped and cried. "Where are you?" Soft flesh roiled beneath me.

"She is within, Child, as I was within her."

"You're my fucking slave bitch, is what you are!" I shouted. I sank my fangs into the thin polyester covering her right tit! I humped cock frantically. My mind was going to explode!

"Not yet. Yes, I am the field that yields to the plow, Son. The blade of your share cuts deep and wounds me. Yet withhold your seed until you have turned the full length of my furrow. Tear my clothes. Gorge on my breasts. Fight to claim what has been given, or you will die without generation."

Mom was saying really whacky shit, and I couldn't shake my sense of her greater power. She was the engine. I was but nearly a key. Compared to her I was almost nothing, and yet she spoke true. That I was hers to claim. I fought, I bucked madly and tore the tunic from her chest. Fat tits which had fed me in my first years, spilled out. I gobbled them, biting and sucking, always fucking. Sweat dripped from my forehead and chest. I looked up. "Gonna cum, you perfect goddess bitch!"

"Hold on, Child." Then she sank her teeth into my face!

I screamed! The pain ripped away my arousal like it was a mask. I slapped her and gripped her throat! "Fuck you!"

"Yes! More! I need more!" She had deliberately forestalled my orgasm.

Although I was sweating like ice in a furnace, I felt like a bull with endless endurance. My hands loosened and my fingers dug through her brown hair.

Outside the coffin, Joshua cried out, "MOMMY!!"

"They come!" Mother cried out. She ripped her finger from my ass and held me, chest to her chest. "Master me, Son. There will be a great sowing upon the land. I feel the strength within you to summon their spirits!" Mom groaned. She huffed and puffed past my ear. "Pillage with speed, your manhood within me!" She made even less sense.

I don't think I could have stopped fucking her even if her cunt grew teeth, severed my junk, and swallowed it up her womb. I rutted and sucked on her firm nipple. Milk seeped into my mouth, which charged my arousal to another level. "OOOHHHH!!!" I groaned, swallowing the hot, creamy fluid. I tore off the rubber dagger and flung it away. I sucked her other nipple and milk sprayed the back of my throat. She cried out. "The lights come!" Her arms pressed around me like vices. "Soon, night will be day."

I felt like I had been fucking my mother until dawn, but that was impossible.

"Let them rumble, Son!" Mom commanded, and abruptly I felt my balls wrench within their wrinkled sack. The bulb at the base of my heaving prick was packed with my seed. There would be no further delay. I should have come hours ago! Yet only minutes could have passed.

A strange, white light grew around our living room, brighter than the string of red bulbs. Joshua cried out again, from what must have been his third orgasm. The light came from their direction.

My mind was incapable of dividing its attention beyond situational awareness. It attended only the goddess and my efforts to master Her! Her cunt spurted around my plunging rod. Her juices pooled between her legs, and with each of my thrusts, more sprayed out. Her tight vag shuddered around my cock, sucking at it, driving me wild!

"You're mine, Mother. I'm going to breed you like the bitch you've become."

"Yes, Child, sow the terrible seed, and bring terror to all who would prevent us." Her cunt abruptly clutched me after stabbing deep. My hips pulled mightily, and yet she clung to it, capturing my hot meat at the very heart of her sex. I yelled. "Let me go!"

"Let go, Son." She whispered softly. "You have won."

Suddenly muscles I did not know my loins possess, ground around the load of my cannon and clenched so hard as to make me scream! "AAAAIIIEEEE!!!"

Mother then howled like a wolf baying at the moon! her body turned red, as orgasm stabbed her nerves with heroin needles! Her roar of pleasure rattled the windows and escaped out across All Hallow's Eve.

Joy flooded my senses when my pressurized bulb detonated, hurling cum into my mother's womb at lightspeed. I gasped and cried from the pinnacle of ecstasy! "MOMMYYY!!!"

Joshua and his mother brayed joyously nearby! The light from their location grew like the approach of a comet. My hips lurched, convulsing with each new spurt of cum into mother's cup. I lay twitching across her exposed flesh. She burned me, like sunlight, my vampiric flesh. Except she was the one draining my essence.

In the growing brightness, calm descended. I gasped and heaved for breath, having exerted a marathon of sex.

I peeked over the coffin's lip. The digital clock on the cable box flashed 12:00.

"This is the spirits' time, Son."

Where Joshua and his mother lay, arm in arm, prick in puss. Two figures of light played with kernels of candy corn. Minute testes and penises told their sex, but one had a fat neck, and the other's left arm was stiff. They glowed brightly but their playful antics made no sound.

The cable box continued to flash 12:00.

From the windows, lights frolicked to silent music. I climbed out naked, cum and sweat dripping. Our front window looked out upon my home's fake graveyard. Upon the graves, women and boys fucked, their groans were the music to which dozens of spirits swayed. Luminescent babies, boys and girls, crawled over pretend grave mounds. Each of them was sick or flawed. Some could barely move. Two lay as if dead, yet the orgy of incest continued to summon crippled children.



"Hear our plea!"

A new brightness and three tiny voices drew me from the window. Beside the coffin, the spirits of three infant girls crawled, eyes piercing me. "Bring us into the world, and we will curse all who would keep you from our mother."

The goddess sat up, smirking. "This is our brood to be, Son. Come to me and let us begin them." She opened her arms. One spirit beside Her giggled. Another coughed. Through her torso I could see her heart and the tiny hole that would prevent it from beating for very long. The third looked vapid and blank, eyes harbinging mental ruin.

I gaped. Plastic teeth struck the floor. My penis remained a staff of sturdy wood glistening with potential.

"Mommy." Joshua was awe-struck by the two infant boys playing beside him. "They want us-"

"I want you." Mrs. J. growled, reaching for her son. She clutched him and dragged his body to hers. She groaned upon forcing his cock into her sex. "Curse those would deny us these children!"

Joshua fell upon her, as terrified as a young man should be in our situation. Yet when his mother humped her hips up, to drive his prick deep, again and again. He submitted to her motion. "We'll breed them to flesh, Mother."

I could not tear my eyes from the child horrors promised for my future.

"SO-N!" My mother goddess groaned. "We must continue their beginning!"

My knees wobbled, dread and desire battling for each step that would return me to Her goddess body and fertile field.

The End
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