The Paladin hast arrived!

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Burning Legion
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Nov 4, 2010
Yo guys, just your average bored internet junkie logging in!

The name's Paladinoras, and well I gather some of you here knows me already. XD If you don't, then GET TO KNOW ME! XD Just kidding bros, all in due time.

I am not exactly sure why I decided to join this forum tbh, but pft, I know the admin pretty well, so more than enough reason for me I guess. XD

As for my interests...mmm, let's see... I do like the occasional anime here and there, although I haven't been watching them as often as I'd like. Reading is a great passion of mine, as well is writing. I guess they kind of come in a set. XD Sports are also a big thing for me, major fan of football and soccer, my favourite teams being FC Barcelona and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Welll...I guess, the only thing I can say left is yoroshiku! XD:026::026:
Welcome to AS, Paladinoras. ^^

So you didn't join because of our sheer awesomeness? :p Doesn't matter, now you're here and I hope you'll enjoy your stay - and if not please direct your complaints to Tessu. :whistle:
Finally Pally is here! xD
I think a big YO is enough for welcoming you xP so Yo there, welcome to the forum and have fun with us! :p
another one o.O
well hi pally hope to see ya around more
Yes, DJ, I have come here to invade your peaceful lands..and fill it with my awesomeness. XDDD

And thanks everybody, great to know I am like, one of the few starting members. That's a first for me. :p
Hello Paladinoras~
Welcome to AS!
Hope to see you around the forum soon~
& Yoroshiku too (:
I know the admin pretty well, so more than enough reason for me I guess
Sorry pal, I didn't know you.

Well but that doesn't matter, we will get to know each other in no time. Welcome to AS~

Put this on your To-Do list:
- Find a cute avatar, a profile picture
- Find a cute signature
- Put them on of your profile over AS
- Visit Spam Section and show us what you got~

welcome to ASF Paladinoras.., enjoy your stay ! ^^
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