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Oct 6, 2017
Hello! Is there any switch emulator that works? I would love to play some otome games that aren't port to another platform
Wow that's great news! Is there a compatibility list? I might end up downloading both and trying the games to see which one works best
I also think that this could be useful for you - you can get keys for Yuzu and Ryujinx here.
And the Firmware here (I also see that it can be done here too, that's good to know!)

As for games, Cupid Parasite worked horribly on Yuzu when it released, but better on Ryujinx *shrug*
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I installed and tried a few games and they all work wonderful! I was wondering if I need to install update 1.0.1 for all games? For example Piofiore 1926, doesn't have one, but still works perfect from what I've seen
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Updates and DLCs are being released by the game company and usually adds stuff or fixes things.
So its recommended to install them.

Only thing that comes to my mind that it could affect negatively is if you´re using mods (like from nexusmods, gamebanana, etc.) which were written for base game and then might not work after updating the game.
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