Sora's True Love
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Nov 26, 2010

Artist: [Various] KOTOKO , Kaori Utatsuki , Larval Stage Planning
Composed by: C.G mix / Maiko Iuchi / Tomoyuki Nakazawa / Kazuya Takase
Catalog Number: ICD-66019
Label/Distributor: wint
Release Date: 25/06/2010
File Format: MP3
Compression RAR
Size: 140MB

01 blossomdays
02 らずべりー (Raspberry)
03 Crash Course ~恋の特別レッスン~ (Crash Course ~Koi no tokubetsu lesson~)
04 Love is money?!
05 I need magic ~解けないマジ☆キュン♪~ (I need magic ~Tokenai Maji☆Kyun♪~)
06 おままごと (O*ma*ma*go*to)
07 Stars Biscuit
08 Swift Love ~健全男子にモノ申す~ (Swift Love ~Kenzen Danshi ni Monomosu~)
09 ジェットスマッシュ!(Jet Smash!)
10 Lilies line
11 ユメミボシ★boom!boom! (Yumemishi★boom!boom!)
12 常識!バトラー行進曲 (Joushiki! Butler Koushinkyoku)
13 Send-off ~涙色のスタートライン~ (Send-off ~Namidairo no Startline~ )
14 ☆星空 Interceptor☆ (☆Hoshizora Interceptor☆)

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Lol either I'm going to need a Hotfile subscription or multiple filesharing site links. :P
There's just so much I wanna download. But oh well, I'll be patient, unless you do decide to host on more sites lolz.

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