[Single] [Shinnoden] Love Live! School idol project 2nd Single - Snow halation


Mr. Fabulous / 神様
Nov 3, 2010

Catalog Number: LACM-4774
Release Date: 22/12/2010
Published by: Lantis
Artists: Love Live!, Kosaka Honoka, Ayase Eli, Minami Kotori, Sonoda Umi, Hoshizora Rin, Nishikino Maki, Tojo Nozomi, Koizumi Hanayo, Yazawa Nico
File Format: MP3
File Size: ~93mb

1. Snow halation
2. baby maybe Koi no Button
3. Snow halation (Off Vocal)
4. baby maybe Koi no Button (Off Vocal)
5. Seiya no Onna no Ko-tachi. ...Mada Akaru Ikedo
6. Anata to Christmas -Kosaka Honoka-
7. Anata to Christmas -Ayase Eri-
8. Anata to Christmas -Minami Kotori-
9. Anata to Christmas -Sonoda Umi-
10. Anata to Christmas -Hoshizora Rin-
11. Anata to Christmas -Nishikino Maki-
12. Anata to Christmas -Toujou Nozomi-
13. Anata to Christmas -Koizumi Hanayo-
14. Anata to Christmas -Yazawa Niko-
15. Mirai e Go Next!

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