Seishun Anime Zenshuu / Animated Classics of Japanese Literature (1986)


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Oct 22, 2017
I hope someday, someone can help me find all those missing eps, i came too late for this old anime, and i don't have any acc in private tracker

Random 23 episodes I was able to find webwide. For the moment, the fullest batch of it on nyaa
Some hardsubbed, some VobSub, some 360p, some 480p
Credits to ARR, Medgirl (as stated in filenames) and other various people I couldn't establish. I only collected this together and ordered.
If there could be found more subbed episodes online, well, time for a new batch
Missing from here eps:
5. The Wind Rises
6. The Fruit of Olympus
9. Wandering Days
20. Season of the Sun: Dangerous Youth
25-26. Harp of Burma
30. The New Story of Touno
33. (special 1) Student Days

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