School Rumble 2 Seasons + 4 OVAs [DVD 480p] (Ichi Gakki Hoshuu, Ni Gakki, San Gakki)


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Oct 22, 2017

Main TitleSchool Rumble (a2165)
Official Title
School Rumble
Official Title
TypeTV Series, 26 episodes
Year05.10.2004 until 29.03.2005
SeasonAutumn 2004
Tagscomedy, daily life, high school, love polygon, manga, parody, romance, school life, shounen

* Based on the manga by Kobayashi Jin.

The clumsy second-year high school student Tsukamoto Tenma is always chasing after her rather unusual classmate Karasuma Ooji, to no avail. Her over-the-top methods do not even seem to register, but she keeps trying. Meanwhile, Harima Kenji, the class rebel, has also been desperately trying to confess his own feelings to Tenma, and his attempts fail in just the same way...

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