SATAN HIGH [Chapter 01-05] [Ongoing]


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Oct 14, 2018

Other title: SATAN HIGH
Status: Ongoing
Author: Marius Black
Language: ENG
Des: A group of Satan worshipers formed a unique organization to attract young and potential Satanists. They gathered and welcomed students across the world creating a school for these misunderstood special children.

The professors taught in unconventional ways, unaccepted by the public with subjects that violates the laws of human rights. Thus the school was greatly opposed by almost all religious groups when it began.

This only fanned the flames of the popularity of the school as the mysterious overseers in the organization ruled using politics, power and violence.

Each year more and more misunderstood children enroll to the controversial school known as SATAN HIGH.
Chapter 5: Alejo VS Uzi: |
Chapter 4: Pain Class: |
Chapter 3: Schizo: |
Chapter 2: Art Class: |
Chapter 1: Poetry Class: |

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