Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Sagu Aoyama Universe Crossover Series

A Special Message from Rina Tennōji

Hi, everyone! This is Rina Tennōji of the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club and I'm here to share about how I have become very close to the Twilight Smile, one of the special circle groups of the Bravehearts of Minato. I'm so excited that you're going to show your smiles to bloom, gleam and shine with because you'll be very thrilled to see me sharing another special postscript message that will be more exciting to surprise you as you'll about to discover my story about how Rina-chan and the Twilight Smile have become very close with one another. You have become familiar with that group last year as they're indeed a special circle group that are composed of the close friends of 'Na-tan' Rina Aonuma, Momo Kashiwada and Junsei Furuhashi and now, there's something that you'll get to know one thing, which I was the one who helped the trio in coming up with that name, which you'll about to get to know the story behind it and now it had been become important in building a marvelous community that will fulfill their dreams like the rhododendrons shining through its white glow of beauty. I hope that you'll like this one because you'll about to gleam and shine with me as here comes my sharing about their friendship that made things possible by prospering Minato through their rainbow hearts! Anyway, when the announcement of the expansion of the Bravehearts of Minato has been announced, the trio of Na-tan, Momo and Junsei would approach me to work on a special circle group that will represent for them. Na-tan had been very known for strategic ideas in aiming to bring thrills to her community while energizing everyone to shout out and smile to get the job done all the way. That's why I have helped her in building something special that will change not only our lives, but to everyone else to start dreaming big and thus, the formation of the Twilight Smile has been formed when Kuniko Fukumoto, Hiyori Katayama and Nina Kurata have confirmed to accept their invites and join the Bravehearts of Minato. Now, that's what I like to see for them getting their own vibes to start dreaming and shining through their rainbow hearts and they'll finally have opportunities to connect with their friends to show that they're ready to gleam, fascinate and harmonize in a Tokimeki way! A few days later, the numbers have been grown with the welcoming of new members while bringing some marvelous ideas that we can shout out and shine as our teamwork has been more developed than expect, especially that we let Setsuna Yūki and Yu Takasaki coming out to the party for more excitement. One thing that I found it so important about the Twilight Smile is that they're very known to bring the desires to the community where they wished to bloom and comfort them as long as they're here to make them feel ecstatic to get the dreams that they want. They're very notable of bringing some wonderful ideas to their fellow bravehearts from the Bravehearts of Minato as they have put up their own show to make everyone more excited to believe, gleam and shine without hesitation that will uplift their lives harmoniously. I'm surprised that Na-tan, Momo and Junsei have been very cooperative to their close friends because they have enjoyed their friendship more than just full of thrills that they'll let them gleam and so, I used to cheer them up more when they're stepping up through their colorful smiles, which gives them some encourage that they'll definitely be the ones to gleam, fascinate and thrill Minato and Odaiba. Now, for those who have watched the anime adaption of our school idol club, I was originally shy that I can't connect with my friends outside NijiGaku or the Bravehearts of Minato, but it made me feel compassionate that I have started to become friends with four close friends of Na-tan namely Rikka Tokunaga, Miyuri Saiga, Akina Sagara and Madoka Sunagawa. Those four have been very passionate that they wanted to get out of their shyness and start being connected with those from the outside and one time, they approached me, giving a bouquet of erica as a symbol of solitude, which I'm very happy that I have accepted it and thanked them for being more supportive on my school idol career. Just then, they surprised me with some bracelets as they made those in order to bring some thrills while stepping up to bloom, gleam and shine with me. I'm glad that they have been so generous to me like they never miss an opportunity to cherish me and so, I finally gave them a big smile to make them feel thrilled that they're ready to follow my dreams and make them feel compassionate that they're here to cheer me up more. Aside from the close friends of Momo, there's another good friend of mine that has been more delighted to comfort me through a rainbow heart and that's when Itsuki Kakino, a close friend of Momo, has also been there to count on my school idol career. While she has been very close to Momo, she had also become passionate in following our school idol club, notably impressing me and Setsuna, thus, she had become more flanked that she's ready to be part of a special circle group by coming out happily to join the Twilight Smile and work with her new friends. It's so nice that we have bloomed and developed our friendship after being formed a few weeks ago and it had been a key point that they'll finally have a lot of dreams that they're chasing in for their thrills being bloomed all along. As member of NijiGaku, I always entrusted the trio of Na-tan, Momo and Junsei for putting a special circle group that will be more engaging and thrilling while bringing up some marvelous ideas to surprise our community in their own way. At the end of the day, they'll be assured that this is their time to shout out, gleam and dive through their rainbow hearts and they'll be more comfortable to count on every dream that they'll be grooming them for them to stay compassionated and thrilled through their rainbow hearts! I hope that you enjoyed reading this postscript message because it will be great to know about Riko as she had been making her rainbow heart resonating all along and she'll be more fascinated to shout out and smile to ensure that she'll make herself cherished and thrilled you'll never forget as she'll be more generous to believe, resonate and smile in a fascinated way, so that she'll be very compassionated and thrilled to work with her fellow friends for her community to bloom and harmonize for sure! I'm always feeling blessed to see you keeping your blooms and thrills coming to shine for us when we have performed to make yourself compassionated and thrilled and I'll be more comfortable to keep believing in our dreams, so that we'll be giving you the smiles you'll treasure it from the bottom of our rainbow hearts! Until then, I'll see you next time when we'll meet each other again and make yourself a big smile to gleam, everyone! Rina-chan Board: Smile!
- Rina Tennōji (CV. Chiemi Tanaka)

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