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Oct 16, 2010
Remember that requests are made because you want our help. Please note that we'll ask for additional details when the ones you provided were insufficient. Please add as much as possible when creating the thread, since it will save both you and us time, as well as speed up filling the request.
Please search for things on the forum before requesting them! Reupload requests belong in that particular thread, not the request section.
As such give as much information as possible:

  • Name: So we know what you want. Should be either a translation, a romanization, or (optimally) both.

  • Getchu/AniDB link.

  • Japanese/Original Name.

  • Publishing Date.

  • Producer/Publisher.

  • Original series/franchise (if applicable).

  • Artist/Circle (if applicable).

  • Release Group (if applicable).

  • Resolution (if applicable).

  • Preferred hosting site (if any).

Do NOT ask for:

  • Things that don't exist. Some things were never uncensored or translated or released in HD. We can do much, but are not all powerful.

  • Things that have not yet been released. Usually stuff lands on the internet within a week.
    Please note that translation of items may take longer than that. Also note that the original air date of cinema movies is usually around half a year before Blurays are released. Patience is key here.

  • Crappy hosts. Examples are Rapidshare, Mediafire, Megaupload, or Gaiafile. These hosts are garbage that should just disappear and we have no intention of supporting them.

  • Things already posted on the forum. This is mentioned twice for a reason.

  • Torrents for anime and/or hentai. There are specialized trackers for those and we have no intention of competing with them: Most groups only add one tracker to their torrents. Splitting up the seeder base between multiple trackers is inefficent and slows things down for everyone.

Request fillers, please keep in mind that Rule 7 of the General Download Rules applies for requests as well - all relevant links have to be posted in the request thread. No linking to third party blogs/forums.

EDIT: Please read the sticky thread in the Hentai Game Request Forum before requesting any hentai game. Failure to follow the guideline will result in an infraction.]-1072953/
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