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Apr 7, 2012
Original Title: Night Walker
Release Date: 2001/05/25
Company, Producer: ARIEROOF
Getchu link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=5420

I know, that chances are low, but this is remake of first eroge , which was released as non-ero anime in eroge history. (History of eroge http://www.shii.org/geekstories/eroge.html). I think that not only i will be interested in such classic. And i have no idea where i can find that game. So, please help if you have free time.

P.S. Sorry for my bad english.
Hey, I've been searching for this game for a long time too.
Have yo uhad any luck getting it?

Worst case cenario, i was thinking, maybe we can buy it and split the price between us both?

UPDATE: Got the game. Found it in a torrent. Will up-it and post it here asap.
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Wow. I just saw you post from 6 january. I was going to acept your idea of buying this game and then i saw your next message. Thank you for link. I never thought that my request will be fulfilled
You might not believe it, but I've been searching for this game sine 2006...
Luckily, in Summer 2012 (last year) some one posted a collection of old games in a anime torrent tracker, and luckily that game was there. =) still, was only able to find the game because I searched for it in japanese XD
With title in english my search was rather pointless. And i didnt know how write on japanese.
Yeah, in english, it's not worth the time. I also don't know japanese, but in the middle of the search I went to the Wikipedia of the title in Japanese, just copied the characters there, and searched. XD I guess I just got lucky.

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