Request: [Kiss] Custom Order Maid Com3d2 goodie DLCs


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Aug 13, 2020
Hi there,

I am looking for some special Installers for Com3D2

The Denkigai Festival Series has beside the main product always some goodies.

It seems, some of them are not available at the typical sources, only as part in installed form.

I am talking about the following items:

[Denkigai 2018 Summer] [Gift Card]
[Denkigai 2018 Summer] [NTR Drama CD]
[Denkigai 2018 Summer] [COM3D2&CM3D2 WPack Poster]
[Denkigai 2018 Summer] [Yoshiko TShirt]
[Denkigai 2018 Summer] [Analog Record]
[Denkigai 2018 Summer] [Chu-B Lip S2 Poster]
[Denkigai 2018 Summer] [Yandere Personality Pack Poster]

[Denkigai 2018 Winter] [Mumuta Original Costume Set]

These are no-where to find or dead links!

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
Hi there,

with the DLC-Checker there are found these entries in the NEW-DLC

csv_denkigai2017wPoster3d21.arc,[Denkigai 2017 Winter] [COM3D2 Poster]
csv_denkigai2017wPosterStarter.arc,[Denkigai 2017 Winter] [COM3D2 Starter Pack Poster]
csv_denkigai2017wPosterkaraoke002.arc,[Denkigai 2017 Winter] [Karaoke Pack VR 2 Poster]
csv_denkigai2017wkey3.arc,[Denkigai 2017 Winter] [Gift Card]
csv_denkigai2018scd.arc,[Denkigai 2018 Summer] [NTR Drama CD]
csv_denkigai2018spostercm3d2com3d2.arc,[Denkigai 2018 Summer] [COM3D2&CM3D2 WPack Poster]
csv_denkigai2018sposterhubs2.arc,[Denkigai 2018 Summer] [Chu-B Lip S2 Poster]
csv_denkigai2018spostermukuti.arc,[Denkigai 2018 Summer] [Bookworm Personality Pack Poster]
csv_denkigai2018sposteryandere.arc,[Denkigai 2018 Summer] [Yandere Personality Pack Poster]
csv_denkigai2018srecord.arc,[Denkigai 2018 Summer] [Analog Record]
csv_denkigai2018ssposter1.arc,[Denkigai 2018 Summer] [Bookworm Slim Poster]
csv_denkigai2018w.arc,[Denkigai 2018 Winter] [Item Set] [Event Version]
csv_denkigai2018wpcard.arc,[Denkigai 2018 Winter] [Gift Card]

especially the denkigai 2017 files are strange in this context (beside the lack of any source). com3d2 was released 2018 - so how should these 2017 packages for com3d2 exist before release ?

the 2018 files are similar mysterious. I can find no references beside pure existence i the AIO release and the DLC-Checker

the files are all to find in the AIO release, so they must have been installed somehow and have some origin..... :-)

I ask, because I am very interested in completing the traces and make my picture complete. Seems people with that background knowledge are rare or do not answer here. Even I asked first for the files..... The knowledge about is also appreciated. Maybe a PM is also welcome. Thank you!
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