[Request/DLC][Boot Up!] Mitsu Ane-Cosplay Heaven 4 Pre-order Append DLC - Vol1 and 2 / みつあね - 予約特典DLC 『コスプレ天国4 vol.1』+ 初回封入特典DLC 『コスプレ天国4 vol.2』

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Sep 29, 2019

Title: みつあね - 予約特典DLC 『コスプレ天国4 vol.1』/ 初回封入特典DLC 『コスプレ天国4 vol.2』
Romaji: MitsuAne - Yoyaku Tokuten DLC “Kosupure Tengoku 4 Vol.1” / Shokai Fūnyū Tokuten DLC “Kosupure Tengoku 4 Vol.2”
Release Date: 2019-10-25
Official Site: https://www.bootup.jp/products/mitsuane/yoyaku.html

Available to download on the game's website ,only for those who purchased the package (DVD) version .Require CD key to download.

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