[Misc] [Request] Are There Any Wolf/Dog/Dragon Penis Mods?


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Sep 25, 2022
I'm new to all of this and I've been enjoying mods for Koikatsu thus far. However the only animal penis mods I've seen is for a horse and lizard. (which the lizard one can't be recolored) I've search for days and haven't found any for KK/KKS at all. Does anyone know where they're at or who is willing to make one?
Google for the Better Repack of KK and KKS. I think there are this kind of penises included, what you are looking for.
You can ask in the Discord channels, like Illusion Soft or Koikatsu!, if there are some modders, who they want to do it.
After looking through all the options, I found them in the accessories tab in game. However, they weren't in with the uncensored penis slider. So, they're there, I just can't have it do certain things in game, but I'm sure if I mess around with the KK/KKS studio, it'll do the penetration animations without clipping. Thank you for the help! I'll keep discord in mind. :)

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