[REQ] Sabagebu! Character Song vol. 4 / Maya Kyodo (CV: Lynn)


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Sep 12, 2016

Hi! I know it's not good image start in a forum through an petition, but I really want to have this disc
The album is available into the japanese iTunes store, but in this release only have the two first tracks, but these not it's a problem

TVアニメ「さばげぶっ!」キャラクターソングvol.4 / 経堂麻耶 (CV:Lynn)
Catalog Number LACM-14284
Release Date Oct 22, 2014
Publish Format Commercial
Classification Vocal, Drama
Published by Lantis (distributed by Bandai Visual)

01. Glamorous Survival
03. Glamorous Survival (Off Vocal)
04. PEACEMAKER! (Off Vocal)
05. TV Anime "Sabagebu!" Short Drama Series Maya Hen
06. TV Anime "Sabagebu!" Short Drama Series Sabagenger Hen #04


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