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Oct 29, 2016
So, lads, long-forgotten space-sim game with erotic elements, Raizen 7 Punch Up Kit. With shitload of NTR mods attached !!!!iQQzGaAL!AzDyTMiaS91k4mJruuQb4lyTBYXmezh1vUjMAPnaDdQ

Useful links:

I tested and tweaked mods, deleted crashing ones. Mods are tweaked for male protagonist, non-emperor. Oh, during rescue from captivity event, you will be asked who you want to send on mission. Always send male !!!
Game is partially-translated. You may still need VNR or sth similar for some events.
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Guys, yesterday release had DEBUG ON. New archive posted. Anyone who already downloaded can turn debug OFF in ana.txt
thanks bro for resurface this i like simulator strategy ntr game, i fell inlove with leanne 2,.. and its similar but more complex, i started playing but having hard time, the engine is new to me so im crawling in dark right now... i just want to ask is the ntr mod/patch already installed?.. im reading everything in the 3 links u posted and thers alot of mods...
NTR mods are installed already.

For best NTR experience you need: 1. To have a wife. 2. To join (same?) faction wife joined. 3. To be a fleet officer and fly away from planet. 4. Have grown daughters.
YUP, the game is quite slow. Try to have a wife asap, join male-leader's faction, try to be an officer (*noble rank needed).

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