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Sep 21, 2013
I was very lucky in 2024 to buy a ryzen 5950 boxed version that ran from Jan 9 to Feb 4 and from Feb 11 to Feb 18 and died, killing my my gigabyte x570 aorus pro.

While the engineer and assistant were figuring out the entire list of failed parts in the system unit, it took 5 days.

Further there were no motherboards similar to the one that died (30 days away by road transportation company) near my city.

I had to look for a new case for the system unit to rebuild everything on AM5 (because on Intel the total cost would be higher by 1000 dollars at least)

Total I had to idle doing nothing from February 18 to March 11 because even the water cooling had to be redesigned by an engineer (the old processor had a maximum heat generation of 170, the new 7950 has a minimum of 170 and a maximum of 250-300).

laptop with support for 2 SSDs of 8 terabytes is, to put it mildly, obscene a lot, so I have a total of forced hardware upgrade spent more than 5000 dollars and spend up to 2000 dollars on a laptop to be able to continue to publish on your site can not financially possible. (240 dollars for a Thermaltake Level 20 XT E-ATX case
$2,400 nvidia 4090 video card.
new ryzen 7950 processor
new DDR5 RAM
new AM5 motherboard for processor and video card
Quality 140mm coolers ($29 each)
Water cooling upgrade (not every water will be able to cool the new processor, air variants will not be able to handle it at all)
New usb blu-ray drive (since the new case can't accommodate the old SATA blu-ray drive))

Please grant me an increased quota of deferred publications for 30 days (because I need to
1 day at 6:00
2 publications in the Hentai Games section
up to 2 publications in the Hentai Games Request section
10 publications in the Hentai Manga section.
1 day at 18:00
3 publications in the Hentai Games section
up to 3 publications in the Hentai Games Request section
10 publications in the Hentai Manga section
And I immediately used up my limit of 30 pending publications.

I can't publish to the pending publications for the second day as I have 16 places occupied and here I have a question:

When do I then have time to get through 1400+ VNs in terms of fixing them, writing strategies for them?
Where do I find the time to prepare manga and novellas? (there are about 400 at the moment (Japanese amazon version + versions collected from chapters))))
To make strategies on the site (and this is the work of a web programmer and it is not very fast, within a month I can only prepare about 2000 pages in html code, which then I will enter the database).
To participate in 4 translations....
Creating more than 20 remasters of games and maybe with the help of now 4090 video card even remasters of some VN (because the old versions of neural networks did not allow to do this because of the old video card nvidia 1080).

Anyone can get into my situation of buying a serviceable part into a system unit, and in fact it will be factory defective.

I need up to 50 delayed publications for a month from March 17 (because since the 11th I'm catching up almost a month of lost time, and according to the plans I had the work on the preparation of VN was to be completed at the end of April, and now the deadline will be extended to June at least).
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