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Mar 10, 2011
Hai there!

I am new here, been here before but i never registered, don't know why..
But now i am :)
By the way i am Angrae. Yoroshiku!!
Welcome to AS, Angrae. ^^
Better late then never. :D
Hope you'll enjoy your stay here and have fun chatting with the fine chaps populating this forum. ;)
Welcome Angraecum~. Though I've seen you around before I didn't know you never introduced yourself. Say, where is that girl from your avatar from? I felt like I seen her before... well, enjoy your stay here~. Join us in the LPW thread if you want to chit-chat with fellow active members on here.
We could force everyone to register, but we are so nice that we didn't. We let everyone to have the decision if we really worth it.

Hence, there's 200.000 visitors a month and only 0.5% of that amount are registered members lolz....

Inside that tiny 0.5%, we have only 10% active members >.>
I see lol
Give it time, they will eventually register D:

It's Shuri From [Koihime Musou]
Thanks :]
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