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Oct 29, 2016
Introduction to Netorare (click spoiler):
Content copied from: Introduction to Netorare

What is NETORARE ( 寝取られ ) ?

NETORARE ( 寝取られ ) also named just like "NTR" ( Abbreviation ) is a genre of EROGE. "eroge" means "Japanese erotic game" , called generality like "Hentai Games" in Westerner World.

The unique objective of NTR is to play with the "jealous feelings" of the player.

In NTR games you play like a MALE PROTAGONIST that love a girl in the game. However, for some reason, this girl BETRAYS the protagonist and screws the other guy.

3 kinds of NTR exsist, with B type broken into three parts :

NTR Type A ( consensual sex )
The Girl Knows she is cheating and gets pleasure out of it.

NTR Type B-1 ( Manipulated-consensual sex )
The girl does not want to have sex, but the bad guy Black mails, manipulates or other wise tricks her into it, and after a while she starts enjoys it thoroughly.

NTR Type B-I (Intentionally Manipulated-consensual sex) or (Voluntary NTR). This is where the protagonist deliberately manipulates the situation, or flat just convinces there lover (who would never do it originally) to Intentionally Cheat on them. Either because the Protagonist enjoys it, or the girl is deliberately pushed away and put into situations where they would cheat. All orchestrated by the deliberate actions, or inaction's of the Protagonist. This is basically Type B-1 but from a completely different Direction and Intention.

NTR Type B-2 ( Rape-Till consensual sex )
The girl does not want to have sex, but the bad guy Rapes her constantly Until she comes around to loving it.

NTR Type C (Watching your significant other get raped)
This is barely NTR, this kind is purely watching the girl you like/love get raped in front of you while you are helpless to stop it.

NTR is primarily from the Males Perspective, the one getting cheated on, but there are games that show it from the girls perspective, so you know what she is feeling and thinking while it is happening, or games that provide both.

NTR Mystery is a Style of NTR and not a Type, but definitely worth mentioning. In games focused on this type the Protagonist (and you) are unaware of the Cheating when it starts, and over time gets suspicious and starts to worry. By the time the girl is caught in the act it has been going on for far longer then the player/character suspects. In most cases these games will then show, or have a different story arc, where you see it from the girls view, and experience how it started, and what happened. This specific type in its own right is a favorite among many NTR followers. And generally is Type A or B1-B2 NTR

Now 寝取り (Netori) or 寝取る (Netoru) get confused with this genre but are no where near this topic for it is the Act of Stealing the Girlfriend or wife from the other guy, and this is absolutely Wrong, the point behind NTR is YOU are the Helpless one getting cheated on and hurt, not the guy winning and hurting others. In NTR there is no good ending or winning. (some games do have that ending though). However if the game has NTR in it anywhere, it counts and will be posted on.

F95 - tags: NTR, cheating, swinging
ULMF - tags: NTR(1), NTR(2), cuck, cuckoldry, netorase, netori, voyeurism
Anime Sharing - dedicated NTR subforum NTR zone
LoversLab - tags: NTR, cuckold

Other forums and similar places:
The Visual Novel Database (VNDB); tags: sex with others, it contains: (netorare, netorase, reverse NTR, NTR type A, NTR type B, NTR type C, Sex Under Necessity)
Reddit: CuckoldStories, CuckoldPsychology
BullyFucksMyMom - forum

Official stores, blogs etc.:
Japanese game store, cuckold (netorare) tag: English store, Japanese store
FAKKU!: netorare, cheating, netorase
Getchu Japanese game store - cuckold(1), cuckold(2)
CI-EN DLsite's blog platform for adult game developers - NTR tag. Many upcoming games are visible here (only).
Nutaku online adult games, multilanguage - netorare, cheating

Game download (pirate stuff):

NTR Discord channels:
NTR Game Zone - good for NTR game developers, some real time experience reports etc.
Netorare Nation - another Discord server for NTR fans
NTR RPG - for role-playing NTR via Discord - defunct/inactive, but you may try sth.

Ohentai, xhamster

Pictures, Mangas, Doujins, Manhwas:
Exhentai - netorare tag
E-hentai - netorare tag
Nhentai - netorare tag - netorare tag
Hentai2Read - netorare tag
Simply-Hentai - netorare, cheating
Mangaupdates - netorare tag (note: many manga sites have works falsely tagged as NTR).

Adult Korean comics (manhwas). Many of them are NTR. No tag here, you need to find the stuff yourself:

Interactive stories, novels, books etc.:
Literotica - loving wives tag
Novelupdates - netorare tag
Lushstories - cheating, cuckold - cuckold
Black Demon Stories - BBC cuckold stories
CHYOA (interactive stories) - voyeurism, ntr, netorare, cuck, cuckold, swinging, partner swap, hotwife

General-purpose stuff, not only NTR-related:

Translation and/or adult game developing-related Discord servers:
EroDev - adult game developer Discord server
Developers Hub - adult game developer Discord server
Translator's Hub - Discord channel for game translators

Technical (run, debug, cheat, optimize, translate):
Locale Emulator needed to run Japanese games. Alternatively switch locale to Japanese and restart.
Textractor - Extracts text from video games and visual novels. And copies to clipboard.
Capture2Text - simple, working app to OCR Japanese text from the screen
Translator++ - wanna make (machine-)translated game version? This tool will help a lot. It often breaks the game sadly.

Cheat Engine - useful for speedhack and cheating (both except RPGMaker MV/MG). Do not leave this app open during online play!
RpgMakerSaveEdit - edit save games offline - download
RPGMakerMVGame Hook patcher - RPG Maker MV games - speedhack, cheat plugin injection, text to clipboard copy script and more
Sagaoz - 100% savegames for many Japanese games

RPG-Maker MV Decrypter - decrypt encrypted RPG Maker MV game's assets
RPG-Maker XP, VX, VX-ACE assets decrypter - decrypt/unpack older RPG Maker assets
Unren - unpack REN'PY *.rpa files
Optimize (make smaller without quality loss) PNGs, JPGs, MP3s with FileOptimizer (howto)
Deep neural network image de-censoring - green_mask_project, DeepCreamPy, hent-AI by Alexander_rekaX
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