Ninkuu [BD 720p]


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Oct 22, 2017

Main TitleNinkuu (a712)
Official Title
TypeTV Series, 55 episodes
Year14.01.1995 until 24.02.1996
SeasonWinter 1994/95
Tagsaction, adventure, comedy, manga, martial arts, military, ninja, shounen, super power
"Ninku" combines karate and ninja techniques, and is the strongest form of martial arts.

It is said that no one can defeat a master of Ninku by any other means. This is a story of a world ruled by oppressive tyrants. Although a tragic war has been ended three years ago, people still suffer from the post war depression and are looking for a peaceful life.

Fusuke , the hero of the story, strongly oppose this vicious world created by the tyrants.

Fusuke, with other Ninku masters, try to save the world and the people from the vicious tyrants.

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