[Hentai game] [New Release][150306][U・Me SOFT] 飼育×彼女 [388M]


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Sep 22, 2011

Brand:U・Me SOFT
Product Price:¥3,200 (Inc-Tax ¥3,456)
Release Date:2015/03/06
CG Artist:小宮山
Scenario Writer:始門弦武
Game Provider:Justice

Click to download the torrent file. Please try copying url to address bar if any problem with the link.

Direct Download: http://www.anime-sharing.com/forum/...me-soft]-飼育×彼女-[388m]-335941/?highlight=飼育×彼女
Complete CG Download: http://www.anime-sharing.com/forum/...彼女-[296m-lossless-9m-jpg]-417061/#post2139526
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that Save is a fake. it has nothing in it at all.
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ok these games by U-MeSoft are driving me nuts. there is no system or progression to them, and i can't get any of the main characters out of the first format.

and the save game given here does not work at all. I put it carefully into the SAVE folder of the install directory and nothing shows up in game. There are NO saves and nothing at all to see ...can anyone tell me where to put the SAVE game on these if it is suppsoed to go somwhere OTHER than the installation location?

i like the series a lot but just have wasted a lot of time trying to get anywhere in them.

the sequel, Shiiku 2 is just as bad.

I am not alone in this, a Japanese reviewer i just read said it is torture... saying in the new one, number 2, which i spent hours just now trying to find a way thru, he said it looks like there is just one path and considering how many branches in the tree there are.... he made horrified laughing faces about it. anyway, would love to hear if anyone has made any progress into the second or third character variations, and if they are willing to share their save game :) for either of these.
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I've gotten both games to work just fine don't know whats happening to you also if your trying to get the different cup sizes in the first game you need to grope her breast until the second to last meter at the bottom is at 18 the before the first year is up then to get the next one you need it at 34 at the least
In the second game you need it at 20 for the first year and 35 for the second year if you need a save for the first game the one in chat should have worked if not I'll send you mine and as for the second game I"m working on one fore that missing a lot of the blowjob and boobjob scenes but got all sex scene for each and every ending unlocked if you want that one too I'll send it but I'd wait till a better one comes out it's only been a week
OK i will try that, i worked hard on both and didnt get very far...but was looking at the wrong meter i think. htanks i sent you a PM :)
OK i will try that, i worked hard on both and didnt get very far...but was looking at the wrong meter i think. htanks i sent you a PM :)

Did you ever manage to unlock everything in the 2nd game? Or find a save for it?

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