looking for ntr games


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May 9, 2023
I'm looking for ntr games where the main character finds a girlfriend /mother / sister / daughter with whom he has never had a relationship fucking with different people (spying on their sex) and persuades or blackmail or in another way inclines to sex with himself but does not take it for himself and shares it with other heroes alternately or together.

the closest example:
(Youkai Tamanokoshi) Nozokibeya
Outmaneuver! NN Pick-up Beach
game made by Atelier Sakura or NTRman usualy NTR
Atelier Sakura is netorase wher your wife gonna fuck other person and tell you the sotry abaout it like (Ai Suru Tsuma, Mariko no Furin Houkoku ~Otto Kounin no Gachi Furin Sex~)
and NTRman usualy more like peeping your mother or wife doing it whit other person
and personaly my faforite is (Masochistic NTR Life ~Your C*ck Is Of No Use But Masturbation~) by Ankoku Azumaya

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