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naruto1994 wrote on Lebedev's profile.
is it possible for you to get this DLC?
i cant find this DLC anywhere else and i just wanted to see if you could maybe help share it cause it locked behind a Chinese Website.

this is the website with the download.

and these 2 links are the games information.
naruto1994 wrote on Lebedev's profile.
hello. it been a while but i wanted to ask if your still taking requests.
nobis_c wrote on Otokonoko's profile.
Excuse me, would you please re-up this one? If anyone have the updated version 16/06/03, even better.
TasogareHentai wrote on Otokonoko's profile.
Sorry if i ask, but can you please look at my requests and tell if you have it? Thanks in advance.
TasogareHentai wrote on Shine's profile.
Sorry for disturb, but can you please reupload this game? Thanks in advance.