Kobayashi-san Chi no Maidragon Season 1 + 2 [BD 720p | BD 1080p]


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Oct 22, 2017

Main TitleKobayashi-san Chi no Maidragon (a12091)
Official Title
Miss Kobayashi`s Dragon Maid
Official Title
小林さんちのメイドラゴン Miss Kobayashi`s Dragon Maid
TypeTV Series, 13 episodes
Year12.01.2017 until 06.04.2017
SeasonWinter 2016/17
Tagscomedy, contemporary fantasy, dragon, fantasy, isekai, maid, manga, seinen

* Based on seinen manga written and illustrated by Cool Kyoushinja.

Kobayashi is your average office worker who lives a boring life, alone in her small apartment, until she saves the life of a female dragon in distress. The dragon, named Tooru, has the ability to magically transform into an adorable human girl, albeit with horns and a long tail, and she will do anything to pay off her debt of gratitude, whether Kobayashi likes it or not. With a very persistent and amorous dragon as a roommate, nothing comes easy, and Kobayashi's normal life is about to go off the deep end.

This post also has Kobayashi-san Chi no Maidragon S

Dropbox Folder - season 1 BD 720p
Season 2 BD 1080p

Googledrive Folder 01 - first 10 eps
Dropbox Folder 02 - ep 11 & 12
Dropbox Folder 03 - ep 13 + extras

i want to use mini size mkv by Hi10 but ss2 has already been rel for 2 years, seems like they won't do it

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