Corocoro, As you read this, focus on the message and pay yourself close attention to what I'm saying..........would you mind checking the links of filefactory, as you can see I'm having a hard time downloading the episode from filefactory because of lack of speed or dead links?!.....besides i don't like the other mirror (Frankly, i checked them and found some dead links) so if i were to ask you to check and replace them....mind if you do it? Thanks
All the FileFactory links for this release are fine. Whatever your problems with them are, they are out of my hands. I suggest finding a better ISP or using a download manager.
Hi, can you please replace the rapidgator links for episodes, eds and ops?
Thank you :)
Hi, the links for File Factory Ep 03 part 2, 04 both parts, 06-12 both parts and the specials section are down. Could you please reupload thanks!
First of all, thanks for the share corocoro! But i would like to inform you, that links for episode 6, 11 both part 1 & 2 and all the Specials are dead.
Please could you kindly replace them as soon as you can.

With many thanks! Domo arigato. :3
Both from FileFactory, and RapidGator, actually all the files on RapidGator are down.
[MENTION=113289]arsenicblade[/MENTION]; Links replaced. :samuraihero:
[MENTION=116959]DickLee97[/MENTION]; Links replaced. :samuraihero:

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