Kimagure Orange Road TVs + 9 OVAs + 2 Movies + 1 MV [BD 720p]


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Oct 22, 2017

Main TitleKimagure Orange Road (a153)
Official Title
TypeTV Series, 48 episodes
Year06.04.1987 until 07.03.1988
SeasonSpring 1987
Tagsaction, comedy, high school, love polygon, manga, romance, school life, shounen, super power

Kasuga Kyousuke and his family have had to move several times after being seen using their esper powers. Upon settling for the seventh time, Kyousuke briefly meets a pretty girl who gives him her red straw-hat and falls in love with her on sight. On the first day of school he learns this girl is his junior high classmate Ayukawa Madoka, who, contrary to his initial impression, is feared as a delinquent. Their underclassman and Madoka's best friend, Hiyama Hikaru, sees Kyousuke use his powers to sink an impressive basketball shot and falls in love with him. Kyousuke ends up dating Hikaru while constantly struggling with his feelings for Madoka due to his indecisiveness. Likewise, Madoka has feelings for Kyousuke which she masks with her capricious nature for fear of hurting her friend Hikaru.

This contains all of the following titles:
Kimagure Orange Road TVs 1987
Kimagure Orange Road: Koi no Stage = Heart on Fire! Haru wa Idol! Spring Is for Idols
Kimagure Orange Road: Koi no Stage = Heart on Fire! Star Tanjou! Birth of a Star
Kimagure Orange Road: Shiroi Koibito-tachi White Lovers
Kimagure Orange Road: Hawaiian Suspense
Kimagure Orange Road: Wagahai wa Neko de Attari Osakana de Attari I was a Cat; I was a Fish
Kimagure Orange Road: Hurricane! Henshin Shoujo Akane Akane the Shapechanging Girl
Kimagure Orange Road: Omoi Gakenai Situation An Unexpected Situation
Kimagure Orange Road: Rouge no Dengon Message in Rouge
Kimagure Orange Road (1985) Pilot
Kimagure Orange Road: Ano Hi ni Kaeritai I Want to Return to That Day
Shin Kimagure Orange Road: Soshite, Ano Natsu no Hajimari Summer's Beginning
Kimagure Orange Road: Futari no Koi no Repertoire

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