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Monkey D. Luffy

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Sep 3, 2013
Shaadi main ek SMART ladka ladki se:
aap dance karogi.. :))

Ladki sharma k boli: "yes."

Ladka pyar se bola:
To phir aapki "kursi" main le
jaon behan..??

Moral: Har ladka kamina nai hota..

In a wedding, a SMART boy to a girl :
"Will you dance."

Girl :
Embarred ("Yes").

Boy: "Ok sister.So can I have you chair " :P

Moral : We boys aren't always interested in girls :P
[MENTION=10646]unownHGSS[/MENTION] ; I wanted to ask this that for a particular joke can I post it in a few languages?
Say hindi,jap english..and one more which is popular?
happiness should be given to everyone :D

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