Japanese keyword for discreet sex and also exhibitionism sex ?


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Sep 26, 2011
Sorry bad english

For who love hentai, always exist japanese keywords that are abslute treasure, like 寝取られ (netorare - husband cuckold ) or 寝取り (Netori, that is the contrary of netorare, netori is the guy that like to make sex with married woman, o "Ricardão" in portuguese language, I do not know the term in english)

Now I need to know the japanese word in kanji of discreet sex, the scene where a woman is making sex with the netori man very near of the netorare husband, but, the husband do not notice it, like, this scene:

Also I need to know the japanese word for the scene where the sex happens in the front of the husband, like in this scene:

Someone know those keywords ?

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